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A detailed description and game features of Scratch Cards from Fluffy Spins. Online Scratch Cards UK (2023) Review. Play scratch cards online for a chance to win quick cash prizes, up to £1,000, for as little as 10p!

Online Scratch Cards UK

Online scratch cards are the internet version of the classic scratch card games, where you can win instant prizes. Just like back in the day, you have to scratch open 9 or more boxes and hope for three of the same symbols or amounts of money. Difference is, you don't need a coin to scratch free your symbols. Online scratch cards UK can include huge jackpots of thousands of pounds.

Real Scratch Cards

Looking for quick and easy instant wins? Look no further than real scratch cards! You can buy them online and use them right away. Plus, there's always the chance of winning big! So why not give it a try today?

  • quick and easy
  • instant wins
  • buy online
  • chance of winning big

Scratch Cards Online for Real Money

Scratch cards online for real money are an exciting and unique way to play for some potential reward. These online versions of the traditional paper-based scratch cards offer a convenient way to enjoy the same game without all the hassle and mess of scratching off the card manually. Players can easily purchase their cards online, select how much they want to wager, and then start scratching away to reveal the unique symbols that can lead to a win. With every scratch, there is a chance of an instant prize or even a progressive jackpot up for grabs. The unique online experience makes this game one of the most popular forms of real money gaming today! So why not give it a try? Who knows, you may just hit the big one!

How to play

Scratch cards are as simple as it gets. As a player, you need to buy the cards (also known as tickets) and scratch them open. Or, you can just hit the scratch-button to see the result right away. The game is played on a 3 by 3 grid of symbols and numbers (money amounts). If you are lucky and find 3 of the same amounts, you get an instant win. The scratch game can include big money wins. Tip: you can buy higher amounts of tickets to receive a discount on the ticket price. There is a great variety of scratch card games on our site. The main game is always the same, and many scratch online slots have just that one feature. Some scratch card games include additional features, like bonus rounds, free scratches, bonus wheels and more. To play online scratch cards, you must register and open an account. It is easy, just click on "join now" and follow the steps through the forms. Then, head back to this page, to play the best online scratch cards in the UK.

Instant Win Scratch Cards

Instant win scratch cards are a fun and easy way to win prizes. There are many different types of instant win scratch cards available, so there is sure to be one that appeals to everyone. One of the most popular types of instant win scratch cards is the lottery-style game. These games offer the chance to win big prizes. However, the downside is that you have to wait for the drawing to take place before you know if you've won. Another popular type of instant win scratch card is the game show-style game. These games offer the chance to win smaller prizes, but the odds of winning are usually much better than in lottery-style games. Of course, as with any type of gambling, there is always the chance that you could lose money when playing instant win scratch cards. However, the odds of winning are usually very good, so you should never bet more than you can afford to lose. If you're looking for a fun and easy way to win prizes, then instant win scratch cards could be perfect. With a little luck, you could find yourself winning big prizes!

Free play

Most scratch cards use a free scratch symbol. If you find three of these symbols, you can scratch one more time for free. You'll find out quickly, which symbol gives a free round - it usually says "free ticket" or something similar. With most online scratchcards, the odds are quite high, that you land some "frees". Also, new players can get a free spin at the Mega Reel with their first deposit of £10 or more. You can win free spins and other prizes, when you get your account on our site.


The rules are simple: You need to scratch free all the boxes on your ticket and find three of the same icons. Icons are usually money amounts. Most games also include a special symbol for a free round. You must scratch the whole ticket to move on. You can also hit the scratch button to instantly see all your symbols - but, in the first place, try the manual scratching to figure out, how the game works. Winners are always three of the same matching icons. Some scratch cards do have specific rules. You can reveal them by clicking on the information button in the game. You can also look up the odds, the prize tier and the ticket price.

Scratch Card Casino

Scratch cards are a popular casino game that is easy to play and can offer some great payouts. There are many different kinds of scratch cards available, so there is sure to be one that you will enjoy playing. To play scratch cards, simply purchase a card from the casino or online, and then scratch off the designated area to reveal the hidden symbols. If you match three of the same symbols, you will win a prize. The amount of the prize will vary depending on the game and the casino, but it can be quite substantial. There are many different ways to win when playing scratch cards. You can usually find good odds by checking out the paytable before you play. This will give you an idea of how much you can expect to win based on the number of symbols you scratch off. With so many different games and prizes available, you are sure to find one that you will enjoy playing. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start playing today!

Scratch Card Jackpots

The jackpot is the top prize on a scratch card game. It is rare to hit one, but that makes it even more exciting. Simply scratch and see what happens. Many scratch card games have the amount of the jackpot in the name - for example, "Diamond Strike 100,000", has a £100,000 jackpot. Match symbols of the jackpot to get the full amount. Just like with online slots, the jackpot is a special feature of an online scratch card and not all games include it. Before anything else, it's crucial to understand how scratchcard jackpots work. Usually, the bigger the jackpot, the lower the odds of winning it. That's because there are fewer big prizes to be won, and more people playing for them. Finally, it's also a good idea to try to find scratch-off jackpots that have special features. For example, some cards may let you win double the jackpot if you scratch off a certain number. Just remember to play responsibly and always consult the odds before playing. Good luck!

Best scratch card games

Ready for a good online scratch? Our scratch cards for your mobile device are waiting for new players. Let's take a look at some of the best scratch card games. In fact, there is a whole range of scratchcards games available. For new players, probably surprising, there are quite a few types of scratch cards. Advanced scratchers know a number of different games of different popularity. But some of our winners certainly are Diamond Strike, 777 scratches or Mines. Especially the last one has its charm thanks to some special features. But who would claim to know exactly which game is the best? It is up to the individual player to decide, which is their favourite. So, you should create an account and play scratch cards online, to figure out, which one is the top one. There are countless other games and slots available as well.

Big Win Scratch Cards

One of the most appealing aspects of scratch cards is the fixed jackpot prize. Players know from the start, what is the biggest possible win, as well as the odds of actually getting it. Even if you are new to this kind of game, you probably know similar scratchcards from a national lottery or maybe an event. Many lotteries use scratch cards, since it is a simple game and players like it, because it is of the category of instant win games. Meaning, the player knows right away, if and how much they won. Also, winning a gib pot is possible as well. For example, on Diamond Strike, the jackpot is set at £10,000, which is quite a huge number. Or take a look at the Fishin' Frenzy Scratch game, where you can win up to £250,000.

The UK's favourite online scratch cards

The most played scratchcards are often the ones with top prizes. Take a look at the following games, and you'll see why these are so popular. Typically, a scratch game has to be well-designed, come with special features and offer additional prizes. But let's get into it. Here are some of the best online scratch cards from Great Britain.

7 Piggies 5000 scratchcard

7 Piggies 5000 is an online scratch with a £5000 jackpot and free scratches. You can win prizes from £0.50 to £500 - as well as the jackpots. 7 Piggies scratch card offers players the chance to win up to £5,000 in cash prizes. To play, simply scratch off the panels on your card to reveal the symbols beneath. If you match three of the same symbol, you win the corresponding prize! Try these instant win games.

Diamond Strike 100,000

In this scratchcard, your goal is to strike as many diamonds as possible in order to win big. There are a total of £100,000 up for grabs, so make sure to keep striking those diamonds! Diamond Strike 100,000 is simple – just use your finger to swipe across the screen and hit the diamonds. But be careful, because if you miss too many times, your game will end. So what are you waiting for? Start striking those diamonds and earn yourself a fortune!

777 Scratch Card

This game has a £7,777 max prize, and it uses prize tiers. Like with other scratch games, you can buy up to 45 tickets at once and get better chances to reach a higher tier and instant cash prizes. To win the top prize of £7,777, simply scratch off all 9 numbers on your 777 Scratch Card to reveal a matching set. There are also ten £1,000 cash awards to be won. For other prizes, check the prize table on the back of your card to see what you could win. If you're feeling lucky, try your hand at this fun and easy game today! Happy Scratching!

Mines Dare 2 Win

Mines is one of the most popular scratchcard games available, and it's easy to see why. With amazing prizes on offer, it's definitely worth a try. Mines is a mobile devices friendly scratchcard games with great prizes of up to £5,000. Mines Dare 2 Win is played just like traditional scratch cards, but online. If you're lucky enough to match three symbols, you could win big! So try your luck today and see if you can become a winner overnight. So what are you waiting for? Give it a go today!

Panda Gold 10 000

The game's title already suggests it - Panda Gold 10,000 offers you the chance to win up to £10,000 in cash, and there are also plenty of other great prizes to be won. Matching symbols can win you up to £1,000 instantly when playing Panda Gold 10,000. Big prizes could be waiting for you. The game uses 1 million tickets. So make sure you grab your Panda Gold 10,000 scratchcard today!

Frosty Bingo Scratch Card

Looking for a fun and easy game? Then look no further than Frosty Bingo Scratch Card from The National Lottery. With the chance to win a top prize of £300,000 in an instant, this scratch card is perfect for anyone who loves to play the lottery. Plus, with a £3 price tag, it's a great value way to take part. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on a Frosty Bingo Scratch Card today!

Fishin' Frenzy Scratchcard

The Fishin' Frenzy game-family is fun, low cost and very popular with our players. Get an instant win when scratching open three matching symbols. The top prizes are fantastic and make sure that players enjoy playing. The popularity of the Fishin' Frenzy games is undeniable. The jackpot for this game is set at £250k. Looking for a fun and easy way to win? Then look no further than the Fishin Frenzy Scratchcard! This exciting game offers players the chance to win up to £250,000 in instant cash prizes. To reveal the symbols beneath, scratch off the panels on the scratchcard. If you match three of the same symbols, you'll win the corresponding prize. It's as easy as that! So what are you waiting for? Give the Fishin' Frenzy Scratchcard a try today and see if you can catch a big win!

Best Online Scratch Cards


What are instant win games?
This means that instant wins are added directly to your account.

Where can I play online scratch cards?
You already found the place. You can get an account with Fluffy Spins and start playing your first scratch cards. Sign up today and add funds to your account for gambling. Play scratch cards online and many other casino games, including slots, lottery and bingo.

Can I get a bonus when I sign up?
Yes, you get some freebies with your first deposit. You get to spin the Mega Reel and win a number of free spins and more. Take your chance with your real cash deposit.

What are winning combinations?
There is just one rule with scratch cards - you need three of the same icons or money amounts to win. Winners will see the amount added to their account immediately - except for the top jackpot prize.

Do I have to scratch all the tickets myself?
You can just click the play-button and instantly see all the boxes. If you like the fun of scratching open the whole card, you can also do that.

Are there any new scratch cards?
We are adding new games all the time. There could be exciting new scratch card games coming to the site this month.... keep a look out. 

What's the difference from online scratch cards?
Compared to classic scratches, online scratchcards do sometimes include additional features that would be impossible with a real scratch card. So play online scratchcards if you want that additional excitement.

What else can I play here?
Our casino site also offers online slot games, casino games, table games and bingo. Scratch cards online is just one option for potentially big wins.

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Online Scratch Cards UK


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