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A detailed description of 777 Scratch from G Games. 777 Scratch Cards (2023) Review. This scratchcard is an online game where players scratches 9 boxes to win up to £7,777. The game has eight prize tiers. The RTP is 62.80%.

777 Scratch Card

777 Scratch Card is an online game that is easy to play. All you need to do is reveal the hidden elements and match 3 values. The game is played on a 3x3 grid. There are 9 possible values that can be matched: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. If you match 3 of the same values, then you will win the amount that is displayed in the centre of the screen. This 777 Scratch card is definitely for you! With a maximum amount jackpot of £7,777 up for grabs, it's certainly worth taking a chance on this one. There are also 10 prizes of £1,000 cash prize, 20 prizes of £500, 10 prizes of £200 and more cash prizes available.

How To Win

This scratch cards game features a 3x3 grid with random prizes showing up when you scratch them free. This game is as easy as you could imagine. With every ticket you buy, you can scratch all the boxes and with some luck you'll get three of the same money amounts.

So, what are the odds you actually win something? This scratch 777 uses one million different tickets, from which you'll receive a random one with your purchase. Learn more about all the jackpots and how to win up to 7,777 in the following section.


777 has a decent jackpot that comprises seven payouts worth £7777. A chance to win one of the seven jackpots in this game is 1.5% from 771,429 while the total RTP in the game is 62.80% which gives you an average chance of winning because 1 in 3.1 of scratch cards will be winners.

Besides 1 million cards, there are 8 pay tiers for players to earn prizes from. Each tier has corresponding tiers. These are the prize tiers:

  • Top jackpot of £7,777 - 1 in 142,857 chances - 7 tickets
  • Top prize of £1,000 - 1 in 100,000 chances - 10 tickets
  • £500 - 20 tickets
  • £100 - 200 tickets
  • £50 - 1,000 tickets
  • £5 - 7,500 cards
  • £1 - 8,500 cards
  • £0,25 - 190,000 cards

The lucky number 7 is the goal, but of course, the odds are higher for one of the lower prize pots. To draw a card with 3 times 1000 is more likely. But a winning ticket will most of the time result in an amount between £0.25 and £5. You can try your luck for a winning card with this play. Amounts you have won, are added to your account.


Play 777 in 3 simple steps. Step one is buying the scratch cards tickets (see pricing above). Now, you have two options. You can scratch your tickets just like a real one. Move your finger over the scratch cards and reveal the symbols. Match three of the same icons to get a win. You can also reveal all symbols at once if you don't want to wait. You'll see immediately if you won a prize and the money is added to your account. So let's see if you find the lucky number seven.

Graphics And Sound

The game uses static graphics, which are fairly detailed but simple. It has surprisingly little special effects - other than the slight ‘scratchy' look applied to every block when you place digital coins on top. A few sound effects have been used to scratch or match icons. There is also some background music playing. And, of course, everyone is waiting for the special sound when winning a prize. The theme is definitely more focused on the user experience and the gameplay, rather than winning a design prize. That works just fine for this game of scratch 777.

777 Scratch Card RTP

The RTP is 62.80%.

Game Review

Some of our players just like simple games. 777 scratchcard is certainly easy to understand and play. In fact, you just need to hit that one button to do so. While others prefer a more complex game, others like the way you can get an instant win. Again, you purchase your cards, and you scrape off the cover with your virtual coin. Or, you can even use the auto-scratch button, if you like your games hassle-free. 777 scratchcard has great prizes available, and its gameplay is effortless. So, if you like a well-designed game that is quick to play and has a good maximum amount to win, then this one could be for you. The top prize of more than 7k is certainly a motivator. Click the "join now" button on your screen, create an account and start playing 777. With odds of 1 in 3.1, you can expect a prize or two along the way. Draw your next ticket now.


How many tickets include a prize?

There is a total of 1 million tickets and 207,237 winning tickets. These are the odds you're playing with. So, a match is happening quite often, and you can expect some winning tickets. All the jackpots are obviously harder to hit, but there are 17 scratch cards paying at least £1,000 in this lottery.

Where can I play?

You can start playing right here on this website. Get an account and start playing 777 right after you added some funds.

What is the RTP?

The return to player is 62.80%. These are similar odds when compared to other scratch cards.

Have I won a prize?

You will be aware of any winning you land. If you play with the sound effects active, you will always hear it, if you land one of the prizes available. Check the prize tiers to see, what you can win.

Is this like the lottery?

Winning the lottery is harder than finding a prize at the scratches.

Is there a bonus for new players?

Yes, you can spin the Mega Reel if you add £10 to your account with your first deposit. You can get free spins for selected slots and other prizes. Click "join now" on your screen to start playing 777, and to get your welcome bonus.

What else can I play?

Our site offers all types of casino games, like slot machines, table games, bingo, slingo and megaways. There are also live dealer games and more.

How can you play responsibly?

To play responsibly, you always have to remember that casino games are like lotteries, and you should always look at it as entertainment. Only ever add cash that you can afford to lose. We also only accept players from Great Britain to make sure only adults can play.

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

777 Scratch Card


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