Western Gold

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Western Gold


Play Western Gold™ Slot

Return to the days of the old wild west and discover your fortune in the Microgaming and Just For The Win collaboration slot, Western Gold! Giddy up, pardner! There be gold in them there reels!

Developed by slot software developers Microgaming and Just For The Win, the Western Gold slot is based on a classic, wild western aesthetic. Featuring five hot reels, forty smooth paylines, and two bonus features worth their weight in gold, Western Gold is sure to embolden your prospector spirit!

A stylishly painted, sun-baked canyon that is again being heated up under a colour-splashed sunrise sets the backdrop for the golden reels, and a movie-like soundtrack that’ll leave you reminiscing about 20th century classics completes the Old Frontier ambience. Will you dare to draw your six shooters against Lady Luck?

Joining the posse of an unceasingly popular slot genre, the Western Gold slot game plays out much like other slots by paying out from left to right across its paylines: three or more symbols of the same type, or with Wilds, connecting across a payline pays you a winning amount derived from your stake and the symbols’ value. However, standing aside from other slots both in this genre and outside of it, Western Gold skips the traditional card deck symbol system of an Ace, a Queen, a King, and a Jack. Instead, it has a mix of symbols seen in classic slots, such as various Bars and Lucky Sevens, and symbols derived from everyday life in the Old West, such as the trusty Stetson, a pair of Revolvers, a pair of Cowboy Boots with spurs, and a Whip.

Additionally, there are several special symbols lurking about: the Horseshoe Scatters, which trigger an immediate bonus payout derived from how many are on the reels and what your current stake is, the ever standard yet always invaluable Wild, and the Sheriff’s Free Spin Badge, which triggers free spins that’ll keep you on the edge of your saddle in anticipation.

For convenience, the slot’s options are clearly laid out on the top-right of the slot, though if they’re minimized just clicking on the Dots will restore the whole row as clear as day – naturally and like their namesake, they are all coloured as gold as an old Forty-Niner’s nugget. The Badge pulls up a scrollable screen of the slot’s information for review at your leisure; the Cog simply allows you to Quickspin via a handy slider (if you’ve taken a proverbial finger of whiskey for courage first, that is!), as you’ll have steel your nerves and click each spin manually; the Speaker merely quietens or enables all the sounds (perfect if you’re somewhere that demands peace and quiet), and the Golden X simply minimizes/closes them all as a whole, being replaced by the Dots and vice-versa.

Your stake can be changed by clicking on the Golden Chip to bring up a scrolling menu – all you need to do then is select which stake you’re comfortable with. unlike an escalating game of poker at the saloon. You can wager as little as 0.20 per spin to a nail-biting 12.50 per spin, with stake incremental and decremental availability ranging from tens, to twenties, and to fifties. Clicking on the Spin Icon will, naturally, test your luck and spin at the selected stake.

On horseback and can’t make it to your traditional PC or laptop? Good news, pilgrim! Western Gold is mobile-friendly and will adapt itself for your various devices’ screens.

Western Gold has an average, respectable theoretical RTP of 96.12%. However, the volatility is fairly high, so per spin wins will either be very low and uncommon or very high and striking you like a lightning bolt – like the prospectors of the Old West though, once you strike gold, you strike gold, and while you can win big with various symbols across paylines like in any other slot, the real potential lies in the Horseshoe Scatters and the free spin rounds. In the base game, you have the possibility of winning up to a whopping 1,200x your stake, but you’ll need to stare down Lady Luck to win that high.

The first bonus feature is the Horseshoe Scatter Payout: in the base game, if you possess four or more, then you’ll receive an immediate payout calculated from a multiplication of your stake, see on the smaller reel on the top-left of the slot – the more Horseshoe Scatters, the higher this multiplication effect will be on the payout, with the highest being at an insane 10,000x from twelve Horseshoe Scatters on the reels. Keep that heart rate under control, pardner!

The second bonus feature are the free spins, which are triggered by a Sheriff’s Free Spin Badge each landing on reels two, three, and four. On entering a free spins round, you’ll have three free spins – it may not sound like much, but every Horseshoe Scatter resets the counter back to three, resulting in these free rounds potentially lasting for minutes at a time. And, as an extra bit of spice to your chilli con slot-ee? The Horseshoe Scatters still accumulate during these free spins for a big payout once they end, just like in the base game!

The Western Gold online slot is an appetizing target for people who like to hunt for jackpots and big wins, yet the thrill of trying to lasso those Horseshoe Scatters to the reels will no doubt be appealing for an average slot player, too. However, even if you’re not a jackpot hunter, a seeker of big wins, or someone just trying their luck with the Horseshoe Scatter payouts, Western Gold may still appeal to you by giving you a smaller thrill when playing more normally with smaller, safer stakes.

Western Gold will require you to manually spin each round, and as such it’ll keep your attention and eyes glued to the reels as they descend. The sound levels of the music and sound effects cannot be individually changed, so you may need to lower your device’s volume when playing if you want to hear the ambience at a lower level.

The free spins are ingeniously designed: it offers the potential for massive payouts, depending upon your luck, and even smaller wins will impart a desire for you to try again and again.

The graphics are bold, colourful, and detailed, with rich yellows and golds that evoke feelings of warmth, and the soundtrack feels straight out of a John Wayne Western: together, they both invoke the feeling of having just stepped straight into the Old West through your screen.

Will you strike gold or will you end up drowning your sorrows at the saloon?