Wild Wild Riches

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Wild Wild Riches


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You’ll be hoping to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow as you spin the reels of the Wild Wild Riches online slot. With a theme inspired by the Emerald Isle you’ll almost be able to taste the Irish stout as shamrocks, harps and lucky horseshoes land on your hunt for the jackpots. Free spins and wilds will help you on your way to the gold, but with additional features like an ante bet and a great RTP you will not need the luck of the Irish when you are playing the Wild Wild Riches slot.

When it comes to Ireland the only thing that is missing from this game is the leprechaun, although evidence of his work abounds. The game is played against a backdrop of emerald green fields with the sky highlighted by a rainbow gracefully arcing down onto an upturned leprechaun’s hat filled with gold coins. The leprechaun is possibly elsewhere trying to find many of his usual accessories that appear to have been pilfered in abundance to be used on the reels where the card suits are the only symbols not directly related to the theme.

Our invisible leprechaun’s toadstool, hat and pipe make an appearance on the reels. Along with pints of stout (which we assume he would be enjoying). Other Irish standards include the shamrock, Celtic harps and lucky horseshoes adorned with green-ribbon bows. The wilds are Celtic crosses and the leprechaun’s pots of gold can be converted into pots of money and, if you are really lucky, jackpots for you. The whole experience is accompanied by a Gaelic-inspired soundtrack that changes and matches the gameplay perfectly. There is no subtlety in the Wild Wild Riches online game, it is indisputably an Irish theme, but it does it remarkably well.

The first thing you will notice about the game is the very exciting layout of the reels. The game is played across five reels, but the first two have three lines, while the third, fourth and fifth reels all have four lines. There are no paylines and you just need to land matching symbols in at least the first three reels to win, creating 576 possible winning combinations. Other features you would expect are all here. You can change your stake to anything from 25p to £125 and there is an autoplay for up to 100 spins. This slot also has a turbo feature, so if you are really pushed for time you don’t even need to wait for the reels to slow.

Even when you have the luck of the Irish you can always get more, to do that you just turn on the ante bet feature. For just a 20% increase in the size of your stake you can double the chances of landing features. A handy tool to have to give your lucky shamrock a turbo boost!

The wild symbol in the Wild Wild Riches slot game are the Celtic cross. These only appear in the first two reels but can substitute for any other symbol. If you land two of these and the leprechaun’s hat bonus symbol on the third wheel you will trigger the free spins feature. This not only gives you free spins but also changes the game dynamic. During the free spins the number of wilds and pots of gold on the reels increases, making it more likely you trigger even more free spins and also more likely that you land some big wins.

The money collect feature is where Wild Wild Riches slot gets its name and where the two-three split between the reels makes sense. To activate it you need to land wilds in the first two reels, then pots of gold in the remaining reels. Or, to put it another way, you need to land wild, wild, riches. When you do this the wilds become collects and you win the amounts in the pots of gold. The pots can be worth anything from 1x to 25x your stake and, as long as the pots are on consecutive reels, every pot is a win. If you land a few of these then you’ll be needing more than one hat to carry your winnings off.

On the fifth reel you might also get a multiplier, between 2x and 5x, to inflate your winnings even further. The fifth reel is also where you might win a jackpot amount. These aren’t progressive but are fixed as a multiple of your stake. A minor jackpot is worth 50x, a major jackpot 100x and the mega jackpot 500x your stake.

Irish hospitality has obviously spilled over into this game because it boasts an incredibly generous RTP of at least 96%, a level you will find hard to beat. The game is quite volatile though, so you can expect periods of play when you don’t have any winnings to top up your play budget and it is not the most generous slot. The highest value symbol, the pint of stout, only pays out 8x your stake and only three of the symbols will pay more than your stake if you land five. But this is compensated by the 576 winning combinations and you will frequently find that you win not just one, but two or more from a single spin and these wins soon mount up, especially when you get a money collect.

There is no way of escaping the Irish theme in the Wild Wild Riches online slot, and you get the impression that the Pragmatic Play designers more than kissed the Blarney Stone when they started work on this game. They also drew heavily from the traditional staples of slot games and added those in and, together, it all works. The graphics are beautiful and the audio provides the perfect accompaniment, matching the gameplay without being too intrusive. The game’s incredibly generous RTP, combined with the ability to have multiple wins on a single spin, add to thrills. Whether you just like slots, or love the Irish theme, there’s plenty in Wild Wild Riches to make this the game for you, to be sure.