Wild Walker

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Wild Walker


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This game contains reels of 5, and even up to 8 containing 25 paylines with a minimum of 25p per spin. Wild Walker slot comes gripped with a crazed zombie theme title and a special Wild Walker reel that rambles around on each base game spin. Finding the Wild Walker slot game’s bonus symbols will be hugely beneficial for each player as it multiplies the number of reels you have for higher winning potential. For every reel on the table, another fixed reel will be added, as well, the special roaming wild reel for up to 8 progressive reels – with at least 3 fixed and 1 roaming. Find the special Progressive Free Spins feature where you can start with 5 or even 6 reels and increase your winning potential with an RTP of 96.55%.

If you play on PC, Mobile or Tablet that is no problem as this zombie themed game has you covered. Select your bet amount with the huge plus or minus buttons located on the control panel – it’s hard to miss them. You have the incredulous auto-play function which can carrying on spinning on behalf of yourself for up to 50 spins. These spins can consist of just 0.25 per bet or up to 125.00 depending on how daring you’re feeling. Seeing the normal playing card symbols won’t get you overly excited but landing on the imagine of a mad scientist looking to change the world will certainly reward you. If you’re not sure about the potential of a certain win, click the information button to open up the paytable – it will show you the exact amount you can win from matching up specific symbols, so you don’t have to do the maths yourself.

Just like with many others, Wild Walker online slot game comes to you from Pragmatic Play. They pride themselves on creating games with beautiful graphics and ease of play. The animations in this game are smooth and the atmosphere including the audio certainly gives a deathly feel sucking you into the games theme. If you enjoyed Lost Vegas, then you’ll be sure to give this game a try with its industrial town and zombie takeover theme – you’ll be sure to enjoy this Wild Walker given by Pragmatic Play.

We know that you when embarking on a wild journey through the landscapes invaded by Zombie’s it can be a risk taker to venture outside. That’s why this game incorporates a high risk, high reward, structure with its high volatility coming at a complete 5/5 on the developer’s volatility scale. You may not get winnings very often, oh bet when you do, they’ll be enough to send your mind catapulting. The Return to Player in this game comes in at 96.55% which is just about average for online slot games – so don’t worry about taking too much risk and losing out. There is something for everyone with Wild Walker when you venture onto this paytable.

A horde of wild zombies will wonder through the apocalyptic post breakout world as you’re transported into a mad scientist’s lab after you land 3 of 4 of the skull symbol in a gas mask scatter that can be anywhere on the first spin. This will begin the first or second bonus round level and you will be attributed 8 free spins.

Once in the scientific lab you will be greeted with an expanded reel structure. Now, you can unlock an extra 3 reels, giving you a possibility of 8 reels that will increase your potential winnings. Let’s have a look at the different levels in this bonus round.

  • Level One: locate 3 scatter symbols and gain a single expandable wild symbol.
  • Level Two: Here you can unlock 6 reels and four possible scatters to achieve a first reel only, sticky zombie wild and an additional wild symbol.
  • Level Three: Achieve a possible 7 active reels giving you sticky wilds on both the first and second reels, as well as another wild symbol.
  • Level Four: The final level in the progressive bonus round. Unlock the maximum 8 reels on the paytable, giving you 3 sticky wilds on not just the first or second reels, but also on the third reel as well as unlocking another roaming wild symbol.

If you reach all the way up to level four, consider yourself lucky and worthy of an extra 2 spins for every 3 scatter symbols that you find. Scatters are certainly used during this bonus feature and you’ll need to find 3 of them to unlock each additional level. That means to get to Level Four, you’ll need to find 12 scatter symbols overall.

As you’ll soon find out, the Wild Walker slot game comes with a high volatility. That’s why we allow bets as low as 0.25 per spin and as large as 125.00. In this game you can find many different kinds of multipliers and jackpots as you come across the perfect winning combinations. Combine the best symbols to reach a maximum multiplier of 4,980 x your original bet to see your winnings cascade through the zombie apocalypse world and straight into your account.

We’ve talked about the infamous progressive spin round, but that isn’t the only deathly special feature you’ll find throughout Wild Walker. You’ll want to find those expanding wilds, that fill up entire reels and swap out all the symbols for your chance to reach maximum winning potential. Don’t worry they won’t go anywhere, staying on the grid for each spin they move around to different reels as you pick up cash prizes for lining them up.

So, what is the best combination to get you all those winnings that you dream of?

  • Firstly, play with five reels but add bonus reels throughout to get you up to 8 reels on the table
  • J, Q, K and A are your normal symbols that pay out the lowest.
  • Find the mad scientists test tubes and needle guns for higher payouts.
  • There are 4 characters in the game – they are the most valuable so keep an eye out and try to line them up as much as possible offering 4.8x multipliers all the way up to 20x multipliers.
  • Bonus games see these multipliers increase up to 400x
  • Change the number of reels as you play this games bonus round and increase each symbols value.

Traverse the post apocalyptic world in this graphic rich Walking Wild online slot game. Take risks to venture out of the comfort of your home and into the sluggish toxic streets with a high volatility and great return to player. This game includes a bonus feature like no other and you’ll be sure to reap the rewards with a vast variety of different ways to increase the multiplier and value of symbols on the table.

Think you’re up to taking on the deadly zombie-ridden streets?