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A detailed description and game features of Wild Predators from Golden Rock Studios. Wild Predators Slot (2023) Review. Wild Predators is 5x3 slot with 5 paylines and an RTP of 96.00%. Some special symbols include the free spins round, wild, scatter symbol and animals.

Wild Predators

The Wild Predators slot uses a range of different animal symbols as well as special features like wild symbol, scatters and free spins. The slot has 5 times 3 grid and uses 5 paylines for you to bet. The return to player percentage is 96.00%. Are you thinking that it would be great to be able to see beautiful animated creatures come back to life in an online slot game? Wild Predators soar through the lands in this slot, paving their way through the thick forests in Sri Lanka and diving into the deep waters of the Indian Ocean. Be careful around those ferocious great white sharks visible through the opaque and sparkling waters, and look above into the hot sunny days to find squeaking eagles flying high with no care. Find scatter and wild symbols to boost your payouts and find highly valuable combinations in Wild Predators slot game. Do you think you can track down these wild animals on the slots for your chance to win a mega jackpot?

How To Play

Working out how to play the game is as easy as it's ever been!

  • Click on the three horizontal lines at the bottom of the screen to access the menu and locate the value of each symbol to give you the best chance of finding those wild combinations.
  • The bottom of the screen is where the important buttons are.
  • Simply increase or decrease your bet size using the large up and down facing arrows.
  • Set your minimum or maximum bets and get started, it's as simple as that!
  • Once you hit the spin button, the five reels will start spinning and stop in a random position. You will then see the symbols.
  • If you land a winning combination, you will certainly be made aware of that fact. You need at least three matching icons to win.
  • And, if you're not too sure about how you've done so far and want to check your personal RTP then the bottom screen holds all of that information for you too!

This online game comes to you from Golden Rock Studios. Seek wild animals in the jungles and seas with Golden Rocks, contemporary technology and features that come into this game so easily. Golden Rock studios are known for both their table and slot games, but never slack on the detailed graphics and research, so you'll be sure to delve into the world of the past and travel to places around the world you've always been fascinated by.

Return To Player

The beautiful animal centred slot models a volatility rate of high to very high. You know what that means? You may not win very often and find yourself spinning over and over, but when you hit those combinations, you could more than make up for it and grin with those sharp teeth that the wild lions you've just found have. The return to player is 96% which is a little lower than average for this type of online slot, but Wild Predators makes up for that.

Winning Combination

Find a winning combination of high paying symbols to activate your free 5 spins. You'll be super lucky to find a winning set of combinations that include a predator and a wild symbol, as that will start the cycle of free spins once more. This game is super fun and these features that come as a surprise make it worth playing, especially finding up to 200x multipliers that can be added to every bet for the free spins, potentially sending you huge winning payouts to smile about. Although it's certainly quite rare for you to activate this, it goes with the theme of the game. Find a rare animal to find a rare free spin. Think about the way you feel when you see a beautiful creature for the first time, this game replicates that with its free spin feature.

Bet Sizes And Wins

Playing the game in multiple ways is exactly why Wild Predators is a success. If you're nervous or don't like taking risks that, start off your bets with just 0.05, so you can feel safe and still make some winnings. Or if you like that high volatility then the max bet of £250.00 is just for you. So, what can you win? This, of course, depends on your max bet for a winning payline. The maximum win is 1,020x your bet. The lower paying icons are the cards, including the 10, jack, queen, king and ace. The high rollers under the icons are the tiger, panther and shark. Also, you can potentially land the highest wins thanks to the special bonus symbol and free spins bonus. Make sure to add cash stakes to play Wild Predators. The online video slot has a nice bet range compared with other games.

Symbols And Features

You'll be sorry to miss this game's extravagant Wild and high payout symbols. Match a winning combination with a high value predator symbol and this game's featured wild will start off the free spin round, and you have the possibility to keep this cycle going by finding more and more predator and wild symbols. The possibilities are endless, check out the wild predator symbols:

  • The panther that adds a 160x your bet.
  • The shark that contains a 120x multiplier.
  • The lion is the super special one that pays up to 200x which would be incredible to add to a wild symbol.
  • The eagle gives you a reasonable 80x added on to your bet.
  • Finally, the crocodile carries that fun and loving 100x addition.

Maintain your wits about you through this maze of wild creatures that will jump out and scare you for winning combinations. You'll have to watch around 360 degrees in both land and air, and then deep in the sea! To get these super dangerous additions to your bet, Wild Predators have made it super easy. In this game, you only need to match 2 of these symbols on a single reel, but if you match 5 on a reel you'll be starstruck!

Free Play

The Wild Predators slot includes a free spins feature that is triggered with the predator symbols. The goal is to line up as many wilds as possible, to get the free spins. The free spins winnings at the Wild Predators online slot are then played automatically. You can sit back and hope for some good additional wins. If you like free spins, you should give this game's animal and jungle topic a chance. Also, new players who get an account on Fluffy get a free spin at the Mega Reel when they make their first deposit and can win up to 500 free spins for some slots on our site such as Fluffy Favorites and Starburst.

Theme And Design

The scene is set in the deep Sri Lankan jungle, within some long forgotten place. Between mangroves and deep forest, you find your reels on an ancient structure. Nicely designed symbols, some with animal prints, fall randomly into place. The Wild Predators slot machine is well-designed and features a great user experience. Bonus features come with beautiful animations and sound effects. The lush jungle is full of dangerous wild animals, which you can safely enjoy from your home. The bonus features are beautifully designed and come with good sound effects and music.

Game Review

Let's take a look back at this Wild Predators slot review. What do you think about the game so far? If you like online slot games that involve dangerous predators that have gone missing - this game is just for you. Beautiful, rich and intense graphics that suck you into the worlds and countries of these beautiful wild animals. It's super simple and mobile, and you won't be able to take your eye off the prize. Ok, let's get into this Wild Predators slots review. Upon our time playing, we found that the game boasts with some great features. Especially the free spins bonus is huge when it comes to big winning opportunities. Overall, Golden Rock Studios has created a beautiful video slot that certainly convinced us. The jungle theme nicely transports the player into an adventures scene, where the best wild predators are waiting. Of course, a minimum bet of just 5p makes this a great starting point for beginners as well. Go and catch those predators and bring them straight into your winnings. Create an account on Fluffy Spins today, and get your deposit bonus (win free spins with your welcome deposit).

Go and catch those predators and bring them straight into your winnings.


How to win big?
The best winning combination in the base game will include the panther icon, which pays the most. But the free spins bonus feature will probably be the best way to a big winner. Because you'll get multiple chances to land a winning combination.

How do I get an extra free spin?
You must land predator symbols to get to the free spins feature. Land more predator win icons to get more spins on your round.

Where can I play Wild Predators?
If you want to try this winning mechanism, you can do so right here on our website. Just sign up, get your account ready and start playing the Wild Predators slot with its cartoonish visuals, or try any other slot machine from our collection.

How is the overall impression of the game?
Check out the Wild Predators slot review to get a quick overview of this title. Or, just play Wild Predators slot to see for yourself how it works and what kind of special features the game includes.

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Wild Predators


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