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Ahoy there, plucky adventurer! Under the cover of a beautiful, starry night, you’ll need to muster your courage as you sneak aboard a dreaded pirate ship on the high seas. Prepare to hold your breath and steel your nerves as you move to ‘liberate’ their coveted treasure map from under their very noses. Carefully, keep an eye on the shadows as you try to slip inside the evil pirate captain’s personal cabin. Will you and Twinkle succeed in your heroic rescue attempt while making off with the pirates’ booty, too? Time to find out in this Eyecon slot, Twinkle!

Another classic themed offering from the iconic Eyecon Limited, the Twinkle slot’s design aesthetics, vibrant colours, and stylized art harkens back to classic animation from the 20th century and from our childhoods. A new entry into the classic slot genre, the Twinkle online slot contains twenty-five alluring paylines across three rows and five reels. If the magic contained within the spinning reels themselves aren’t enough to stoke the daring in your adventurous soul, Twinkle has two exciting bonus features – the first being the much beloved Free Spin Bonus Feature granted by three or more Twinkle Wild Symbols, and the second being the Prize Pick Feature. The Prize Pick Feature is activated once three or more Jar Symbols appear anywhere on the reels – you’ve finally managed to sneak inside the evil captain’s cabin and must now try to rescue Twinkle’s pixie friends, while also collecting some loot to boot, too!

Oh, and Twinkle herself aids you in your quest by being a Wild Symbol, thus substituting any other symbol on a payline. Cheers, Twinkle!

Another fine addition to the classic slot genre seen both online and in casinos, the Twinkle online slot follows the traditional slot formula of paying out from left to right across its active paylines. Your total stake amount is equally divided up per the amount of active paylines – clean and simple!

The highest paying symbol is the Golden Compass, five of which pay up to 5000x your payline stake! The lowest paying symbol is the Magnifying Glass, three of which pay only 3x your payline stake. The other symbols’ values greatly vary and a valid payline win depends upon the amount of symbols present on that line. Aside from the Golden Compass and the Magnifying Glass, the symbols that are the highest to the lowest in value are the prized Treasure Map; Twinkle’s Large Magical Pixie Dust Bag; Twinkle’s two Small Magical Pixie Dust Bags; the pirate ship’s Anchor; a Cutlass no doubt used to aid them in their nefarious acts of piracy; the ship’s Wheel; a Barrel filled with handy rope; and finally the captain’s Quill and Inkpot – obviously they’ve been used by the evil captain to pen ransom letters to his captives’ loved ones, the utter fiend! The special symbols present on the reels are the Jar Symbols, three or more of which trigger the Prize Pick Feature bonus game and Twinkle herself – acting as both the slot’s Wild Symbol and as the Free Spin Bonus Feature’s scatter trigger, landing three or more anywhere will trigger a round of up to twenty-five free spins! In her role as a Wild, if she completes a payline win by being a substitute for another symbol, you’ll win double compared to what you would have won without her help!

For an added spark of pixie magic, there’s also a sly little Gamble Feature on the progressive variant of the slot that could trigger at any time! Will you take the risk to double yer plunder?

The Twinkle slot’s controls and layout are very intuitive and are clearly labelled, so you won’t have to spend valuable time in trying to work out the various settings and options to set up your customized gaming session. To the right of the screen is an icon that’ll allow you to choose your bet amount per payline, alongside a slider that’ll let you choose the amount of active paylines you want during your session. Each payline stake can be increased and decreased by various penny amounts, with the minimum being one pence per payline and the maximum being fifty pence per payline. The Spin and Autoplay Icons are pretty self-explanatory: they allow you to either manually or automatically play a round or a set amount of rounds, so you can just set things up and then watch with anticipation. The Three Bars Icon brings a menu that has the options for enabling or disabling the classic slot sound effects, while also giving you the option to pull up a small readme page that chronicles the slot’s features and design in-depth. As a final little bit of magic for left-handed players, there’s a checkbox that’ll reposition the icons to the other side of the slot. Fantastically fantastic!

If you’re on the go and want to continue your daring quest to save Twinkle’s pixie friends, you’ll be thrilled to know that the slot is inherently mobile-friendly. Take that, dreary subway rush hour!

Although the lower than average 95% RTP and the high volatility may be discouraging at a first glance, the bountiful payouts from big wins will be more than enough of a reason to try your luck and to test your courage. Massive wins on each and any payline could occur on any spin, with up to 5000x from your derived stake on the most valuable symbol being the peak of possibilities, but the adventure really begins with the Twinkle online slot’s two bonus features – the fairy Prize Pick Feature being the first, and the second being the Free Spins Bonus Feature that Twinkle herself gifts to you on three or more of her adorable face popping up on the reels!

A much beloved feature in any slot game, be it in a classic slot or a more contemporary game, this lucrative mechanic triggers when three or more Jar Symbols appear on any reel and any payline. You’ll be taken to the evil pirate captain’s personal cabin, and you'll have the opportunity to rescue Twinkle’s pixie friends for the chance to gather a combined multiplication of your current stake – the maximum being potentially 100x! Pick and free three pixies held captive in the jars, hold your breath in anticipation, and watch as the multiplication bonuses from each are combined for a potentially massive payout! Thank you, grateful pixies!

Twinkle’s Free Spin Bonus Feature triggers when you are lucky enough to have landed three or more of the cheerful and hopeful pixie’s symbols on any active payline and on any reel. You’ll be automatically paid 3x your payline stake, and then be gifted up to twenty-five free spins, depending on how many Twinkle Wilds were present at the time of the trigger. Once the magic begins, every payline win is tripled compared to the ordinary wins seen in the base game. If this weren’t beautiful enough, the free spins round has the potential to retrigger up to an amazing fifteen times!

And last but not least, for those daring souls willing to take the risk in doubling their loot, every payline win can be gambled for the opportunity to win even more booty!

The Twinkle slot game’s aesthetics are straight up reminiscent of a certain company’s much beloved animated films from the 20th century, and it serves to evoke fond childhood memories, feelings, and nostalgia of times gone by. The versatility in selecting a stake amount per active payline and the number of active paylines themselves allows Twinkle to be inclusive to those who love to wager massive stakes and to those who are just happy to play with pennies – as such, it’s an appealing choice for both high-rollers and newcomers alike looking for a little bit of a thrill. The bonus features are fun to play, and as always the bonus that grants the free spins has become an expected staple in almost every slot game, no matter their genre.

All-in-all, Twinkle delivers a quaint and nostalgic slots experience that will most definitely be appealing to a good few players, especially those who grew up in the 20th century. Will you take up the challenge of rescuing Twinkle’s pixie friends? Good luck and good fortune, hero!