Temple of Ausar

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Temple of Ausar


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Eyecon’s exciting Egyptian slot will take you back through the sands to time to test your luck at the Temple of Ausar. You will have to decipher the hieroglyphics on the reels and pray the ancient gods are on your side as you spin your way to a Pharaoh’s riches by landing Egyptian idols to give you free spins and prizes. The Temple of Ausar online slot offers a generous return along with plenty of excitement so you will not be risking uncovering any curses as you play your way to riches.

Egyptian mythology plays a role in the Temple of Ausar slot game. Ausar, often known as Osiris, was a multi-purpose Egyptian god. Usually green skinned — although perhaps because of the lighting he’s blue on the reels — he was the god of fertility and farming. He was also god of life and the afterlife, as well as resurrection; he pretty much covered all the bases. In Egyptian myth he was killed and dismembered by his brother and became the first mummy when his wife, Isis, who is the other character on the reels, wrapped up his body in bandages to bring him together so he could be resurrected.

Playing this slot is a lot less complex than the stories behind Ausar. The set-up will be familiar to anyone who has played an Eyecon game before. The reels are in a typical five-reel, three-line arrangement and there are twenty-five paylines to help you on your way. There are the usual play features as well. You can stake anything between 1p and 50p per line and, if you want, adjust the number of paylines you play per spin. This means you stake between 1p and 12.50 per spin. Finally, there is the usual autoplay feature, so you can set the Temple of Ausar online slot going for up to 100 spins without having to touch another button.

Ausar takes time out from being a deity to assist as a wild in the Temple of Ausar online slot. While you might think this beneath the god of the underworld, he brings a certain style to the job of a wild. He can substitute for any other symbol other than Isis. And he certainly has some divine powers: he can substitute for more than one symbol at a time. This means that Ausar can form part of several winning paylines on a single spin. What’s more because he’s a god, he doubles the payout as well, just because he can.

The free spins are one of the places where you can start winning big. These are triggered when you land three or more of the Isis symbols anywhere on the reels. These scatter symbols offer good prizes on their own, landing two will reward you with twice your stake, rising to 5x, 20x and 450x your stake when you land three, four or five of them in a single spin. But the free spins are where you can really start raiding Ausar’s treasure.

Isis is clearly a strong goddess in her own right. First, she gives you fifteen free spins, and these can be re-triggered up to fifteen times when you land more Isis symbols, potentially giving you up to 240 free spins. She’s also not prepared to be outdone by her husband. He might offer a paltry doubling of prizes when he’s the wild but Isis will treble anything you win while you’re playing her free spins.

The game also offers a gamble bonus. The Temple of Ausar online slot does not have anything as deadly as Tutankhamen’s curse but it can offer you the chance to risk everything. When triggered you get the chance to gamble your win. If you take it, you will be presented with two symbols and have to choose one of them. If you choose wisely you double your prize, but get it wrong and lose everything. You can take your winnings at any point, but if you are feeling lucky you can play on up to five times. You can win up to £32,000 with the gamble, but you can lose it all too.

Let’s take a look at what the Temple of Ausar online game offers:

  • An exciting slot game
  • Wilds
  • Free spins
  • A gamble feature
  • A blue skinned god resurrected by his goddess wife

And this is all put together in an attractive package, so the game’s theme does not distract you from the game’s play. The reels are given an Egyptian makeover, so the card symbols are given a hieroglyphic look, while the other symbols are taken directly from Egyptian mythology. Ausar and Isis are joined by symbols like the Eye of Horus, an ankh, Ausar’s crook and flail and a scarab. The game is played on a subdued blue backdrop, but this changes to glistening gold during free spins when the largely quiet game is enlivened by some high tempo Egyptian music.

The game is fairly generous. It offers a return-to-player of 95.4% and has medium volatility, so it offers a good return for your stake. The prizes are a fairly generous too. While the returns on the card symbols are, like any game, modest, the Egyptian symbols give you a much bigger return. The scarab and Eye of Horus, for example, offer 950x your stake for landing five. Ausar, though, is unsurprisingly a most munificent myth. Aside from doubling any prize where he is a wild, he’s a big prize in his own right, landing just two will win you 10x your stake with the prizes for getting three, four or five rapidly mounting from 200x, then 2000x to a massive 9500x your stake.

If you are looking for a well put together slot with good gameplay and the chance of some big payouts then the Temple of Ausar online slot is a great choice. The theme does not complicate gameplay (Ausar’s revenge on his brother may have to wait for the next slot) but adds to it with engaging graphics. It isn’t overloaded with complicated features and bonus games, but instead offers the basics and makes them rewarding. Land a big win or two in the free spins to get them trebled and you’ll certainly be glad you raided the Temple of Ausar.