Super Burning Wins: Re-Spin

Win Up to 500 Free Spins

Super Burning Wins: Re-Spin


Play Super Burning Wins: Re-Spin™ Slot

Whether you’re nostalgic about simple slot games, like the ones in Vegas, interested in something without a lot of complicated gimmicks or just looking for an online slot that is more streamlined and traditional, Super Burning Wins: Re-Spin is the game for you. Simple, but still allowing for some big pay outs Super Burning Wins: Respin has the expected five pay lines with three rows and reels. It’s one of the newest additions to Playson’s growing fruit slot game collection and it’s a sure-fire classic.

Playson is well known for their wide variety of fruit themed online slots, all with vast differences in terms of features, design, play styles and payouts. Super Burning Wins: Respin joins a bigger family of similar and well-loved slots such as Red Chilli Wins, 3 Fruits Win and Imperial Fruits.

It is also technically an upgraded and expanded version of the original, simply named Super Burning Wins, which Playson released in 2018. The Respin version has, as the name implies, a re-spin option, as well as multipliers and five active play lines which can secure pay outs of up to 750x the original bet. The new version also presents improvement to the graphics and visual design, keeping the traditional theme but bringing it fully into the competitive, bright and shiny online slot game field.

Super Burning Wins: Respin has a variety of symbols with various pay-out values dependant on landing three or more matching symbols over the available paylines.

From highest to lowest values, the symbols are as follows:

  • The “777” in red, which can secure 150x the total bet
  • The Bell symbol, which can secure 50x the total bet
  • The BAR, which can secure 10x the total bet
  • The Fruits (these include oranges, plums, cherries and lemons) which can secure 7x the total bet

As this is a very standard style online slot, in order to secure any pay-outs, three identical symbols must all land on one of the five pay lines.

Super Burning Wins: Respin provides a helpful pay table (accessible by clicking the “i” button in the bottom left-hand corner which explains exactly what kind of multiplier can be expected for each symbol. Additionally, the “5 lines” buttons on the left- and right-hand sides can be hovered over to see exactly how the pay lines work. Ideally, the aim is to score three royal or triple 7 symbols which can secure the highest pay-out, or, if possible, land a screen full of royals which increases the pay out to 750x the total bet.

The game allows for bet values ranging from very small to fairly large and will automatically start at the minimum value. If you would like to go for the maximum value straight away, there is a button that allows for it; alternatively the arrows on the side can be used to carefully adjust the exact value you would like to bet for each spin. Once ready, click that giant red spin button and you’re good to go!

This slot is generally relatively quiet, with the sound design focusing on crisp sound effects triggered by spins and symbols landing and matching. That said, a sample of rousing classical music does play if you score a Super Win – if you land the same symbol on the whole screen, matching nine identical symbols over all pay-lines. This is a nice surprise and exciting, and it makes the calm silence of the rest of the online slot all the more striking.

Super Burning Wins: Respin is also very accessible as the buttons and controls are large, clearly set out and easy to access. No confusion or unnecessarily complicated techniques or mechanics. With regards to visual design, traditional is once again the key word and perhaps a little nostalgic. All symbols are recognizable from old school casino slot games but updated for the online slot era. The triple 7’s and BAR symbols are shiny and cool looking, and the fruit are vibrantly coloured and appetizing. The background is a lovely purple, but it is not too loud and does not draw attention away from the main event – the rows themselves.

The bonus features, like the rest of Super Burning Wins: Respin, are streamlined and simple. However, it does provide quite a few opportunities to trigger the Respin bonus feature. Respin freezes two of the reels on the board and the third will spin on its own. The aim is to attempt to create a winning line or even nine identical fruit symbols leading to a Super Win!

In order to trigger the Respin feature, two reels need to land three matching symbols each. The reels do not have to be next to each other and none of the pay lines need to be triggered in order to set up the feature. In other words, even if you land a losing spin, where none of the symbols match on the right lines, the feature can still trigger and provide an opportunity for big wins!

The Return-To-Player (RTP) for Super Burning Win: Respin is at the higher end of the industry standard, sitting at 96%, and the volatility sits comfortably at around medium. Overall, this means potentially regular medium level wins. The game offers a safe choice with safe bets, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s accessible and simple and, in a market saturated slots that are much louder and full of complex features and high-risk mechanics, it can definitely be considered a breath of fresh air.

It turns out that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas! Super Burning Wins: Respin takes the slot game out of the casino and places it neatly online, on your desktop screen or in the palm of your hand on a mobile device. With shiny graphics and calming but crisp sound design, as well as a lovely bonus track if you score the biggest category of win, Super Burning Wins: Respin is not only a great upgrade to its processor but a delightful addition to the fruit slot games collection. If you’d like a streamlined version of slot games that harkens back to the basics in a cool new way, then Super Burning Wins: Respin is the online slot for you!