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Play Stampede™ Slot

If you like your slots a little wilder why not hunt for your winnings on the plains of the African savannah in the Stampede online slot. On your safari you’ll hope to spot big game animals that will bring you wins from one of the 243 paylines with your chances of bagging a big prize increased by the wilds, free spins and multipliers that you’ll find along the way. With a good RTP and enticing graphics the Stampede slot is a great play if you like your reels a little wilder.

The game sticks to the safari theme beautifully. The reels sit on a backdrop of the African savannah that will be familiar to anyone who has watched a nature documentary. The standard symbols are all there, so you can expect to see 9s, 10s, Js, Qs, Ks and As on your reels, but in keeping with the theme you will also get the big game animals appearing for the bigger prizes.

The animals featured in the Stampede slot game are the traditional big five game animals from safaris: the Cape buffalo, the rhinoceros, the cheetah, the lion and the biggest of them all, the elephant. In a real safari these are regarded as the most difficult to find when on foot, and in the Stampede slot these are the rarer symbols on your reels. However, unlike a real safari where you might only catch a passing glimpse of the wrong end of your prey, here the graphics are large and clear. There’s no chance of missing a sighting here.

Playing the Stampede online slot is straightforward, so if you like games that get down to the basics then this is one for you. The play is over five reels with three lines. In the wilds of the African savannah animals have lots of space, so they don't stand in line, and the same is true in this game. You don’t need a straight line to win, just for the symbols to appear in any position on the reels from left to right. This means there’s a huge 243 ways to win when you are playing the Stampede slot. Other standard features you would expect are here, so you can set your stake per spin between 0.25 and 50.00 and if you really want to focus on the safari and not on spinning you can set autoplay for up to 100 automatic spins.

Although basic this game does have a few additional features beyond just spinning the reels and looking for big game. When the hot African sun beats down from the reels you are in luck because it’s the wilds symbol. The wild sun only appears on the middle three reels, but just like any other symbol it does not matter where it lands, as long as you can use it to form a combination with symbols on either side you can use it for a win.

The Stampede feature is where you can get the big wins in this online slot, and the scatter symbol that triggers it is, appropriately, the elephant. If you see 3, 4 or 5 of these charging towards you then scattering is likely the first thing on your mind! First, you through, you need to make a choice, and this is where you can accumulate big wins. Triggering the Stampede online slots’ scatter feature wins you up to twenty free spins. What makes them valuable though, is that you get to choose how many and your choice will affect the multiplier.

Choosing 20 free spins gives you lots of chances to win, but the multiplier is only 2x. However, the fewer free spins you choose, the higher the multiplier is, so fifteen free spins sees your winnings multiplied by 3x, ten free spins brings a 4x multiplier, eight free spins a 5x multiplier and if you settle for just five free spins you’ll get a huge 10x multiplier. What’s more, if you land the scatter symbols again you earn more free spins and you can do this up to fifteen times so there is the potential to accumulate a huge win thanks to that elephant stampede.

The Stampede online slot has a relatively generous RTP of 95.25%, so you can expect fairly good value for your stakes. The game is also generous with winning symbols, so with the standard card symbols from 9 to A and the four winning animals there are ten paying symbols as well as wilds and the scatter feature. What makes the game even better for paying out is the generous 243 winning combinations on the reels, so it doesn’t matter exactly where the symbols land, you get a win. All together this means you get great value for your stakes.

The huge number of ways to win also means there’s a broad range of winnings, with the traditional card symbols paying the least and the big game animals offering the biggest payouts, getting five buffalo or rhinos pays 20x your stake while five lions bags you 40x your stake. This does mean that some smaller wins do not even cover your stake. Getting three 9s will only get you 20% of your stake and even spotting three mighty buffalo will only get you 80% of your stake. There are plenty of these small wins though, so you don’t run down your stakes too quickly while you hunt for a big win.

If you like your games basic, but with a little thrill from the hunt, then Stampede might be the online slot for you. The game is a straightforward slot with relatively little in the way of additional features, so it’s quick to understand and there’s no hunting for bonus games. With its good RTP you can manage a lengthy safari on a modest budget. With a huge 243 ways to win it means that although some wins are small it keeps topping up your stakes. While it might not be the most generous slot when it comes to the big wins triggering a stampede multiplier gives you the chance to rack up some big prizes. Happy hunting.