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A detailed description and game features of Slingo Inca Trail from Slingo Originals. BeGambleaware®, T&Cs apply. 18+. Slingo Inca Trail Slots (2023) Slot Review. Fast-paced 5x5 format Slingo game. Reach stages 7x, 8x or 9x for the chance to trigger the Inca Trail Bonus. High volatility online slot game with a maximum payout of 5,000x your bet. The RTP is 96.47%.

Slingo Inca Trail Slots (2023)

Slingo Originals presents an exciting online slot experience with its innovative game, the Slingo Inca Trail Slot. This slot game combines the thrill of slot gaming with a compelling Inca-inspired theme, offering players an unprecedented gaming adventure. Inca Trail offers an engaging and intuitive gameplay experience. Players can immerse themselves in an ancient Incan civilisation while enjoying the game's unique features, such as special symbols, bonus rounds for the chance to win big. The stunning visuals and immersive sound effects of the Slingo Inca Trail Slot game contribute significantly to its appeal. The detailed Incan graphics and atmospheric sound design ensure a captivating gaming experience that transports players to another era. The Slingo Inca Trail game is more than just an online slot; it's an adventure. With its engaging gameplay, unique features, stellar graphics, and immersive sound design, this game by Slingo Originals could be a great gaming experience.

Slingo Inca Trail max win

The potential max win for Slingo Inca Trail comes in at 5,000x your total stake per spin or free spin. The maximum win (or “max win”) is the highest possible win you could walk away with when playing this online slot. With a 20p bet, you have the chance to win a grand prize of £1,000.

How To Play

Before playing Slingo Inca Trail online, you must decide on the stakes. Once that has been fixed, we can move on. It aims at matching the numbers on the reel to the grid. Like most Slingo game players, you can win a Slingo with the mark on a grid that is horizontal or vertical. If you complete a slingo on the grid you move up the salary ladder and the goal of each number on the grid is for you to win a whole house with the winning prize. Wilds and Super Wilds will support you by helping you identify corresponding digits in the Grid for the next grid. Choose your initial base stake by clicking the coin stack icon on the right-hand side of the reel.

Symbols And Features

The Slingo Inca Trail games are situated deep in Peru, with the reels set on something that looks like an Incan temple. Before you begin your adventure, you must first know the characters or symbols you encounter. The wild symbol allows you to block numbers in the above column, and the Super Wild allows you to block the entire grid. Look for free spins symbols, which provide extra spins after you win a game. The arrow symbol is another important feature: Find the symbol on each reel and proceed along a bonus route to reach your highest position in the grid. Buying re-spins is another great feature of this slingo machine. The re-spin value depends on your chances of landing one or more slingos, when a required number appears. In fact, you can buy multiple additional spins, although you have to understand that every spin costs more than the last one. But you may want to give it a try when the board looks promising. With some luck, you'll get some super wilds and can finish multiple slingos in one go. This is the best way to victory. The Inca Trail bonus is located on top of the reels. To trigger this bonus, you must land arrow symbols, and hope for high multipliers, since you need at least a value of 7.

Slingo Inca Trail RTP

The RTP for Slingo Inca Trail is 96.47%. For every £10 bet, the average return to player is £9.60 based on long periods of play.

Theme And Design

The scene seems to be some kind of tropical forest in Peru. A llama looks amused by the player's efforts to win the big prize high up on mount Machu Picchu. Hints of ancient structures, like a cultural temple, can be seen in the background. In fact, it looks like the reels are placed within such an ancient building. Golden images and items are used as decoration, maybe just as they used to be when the Spanish arrived the first time. There are a couple of simple animations taking place at all times - just enough to make the Slingo Inca Trail symbols look a bit more appealing, but not as much as to become distracting. The pay ladder is located to the left of the reels and you can hit collect at the bottom of the screen. The play controls are located on the right side of the reels. Your most important buttons are the spin-button, as well as the coin stack, where you can change your betting wager. This game is generally very well-designed and the instructions are clear. So even new players will find their way around this slingo game pretty quickly.

Slot Review

After reading this review, you probably want to give Slingo Inca Trail a go. Well, the good news is, that you are already at the right place. You can play Slingo Inca Trail here on Fluffy Spins. If you are new, just hit "sign up" and you'll be playing away soon enough. But for now, we take a step back and summarize. If you want to reach Machu Picchu, you'll need to line up these numbers. Get as many Slingos as possible to walk away with a win. Take a look at the "how to play Slingo Inca Trail" section to learn more. As you can see, this online slot is quite interesting thanks to its bonus rounds, wild symbols, extra spin and nice design. The potential prizes are certainly another reason to give it a try. So, if you like the mix between a slot machine and bingo card, then the Slingo Inca Trail game could be the one. Get into it with the Slingo Inca Trail features today when you hit the spin button.

Slingo Inca Trail Free Play

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Slingo Inca Trail


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