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Shopping Spree


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It’s time to earn yourself some cash in this shopping themed game which will allow you to hit the rails in real life! This 5-reel, 25 pay line slot game might cheer you up with a bit of good old fashioned retail therapy. Keep an eye out for key discounts and symbols that can lead to some great bonus rounds to fill up your winnings basket even further.

In order to start playing, the first thing you have to do is select the lines and bet button which is located at the bottom left hand side of the screen. Once this is selected, you can select the number of lines that you want to play (up to 25) and the bet that you want to place per line. The bar across the top of the screen will help keep you right about what is your total bet amount and how much credit you have left in the game. Once you have chosen your options, begin playing by pressing the blue spin button at the right-hand side of the reel and pray that the right icons end up in your shopping cart!

The shopping spree slot game also has the Autoplay function that can be found on the top right-hand side of the screen. Select this function to choose how many games that you want to play in a roll. Choose between 10, 20, 50 and 100 spins at the one time which means you don’t have to click the spin button every single time. You will notice that the Spin button now changes into a Stop button that you can press at any time, ending the AutoPlay function.

The free games feature in this game will allow you to make money without spending a penny! To access the free spins, you will need to have 3, 4, or 5 of the handbag symbols on your reel at the same time. These symbols are the scatter symbol and will award you 5, 20, or a massive 450 times your original bet in addition to giving you 15 free spins. When playing with the free spins, any winnings will be multiplied by three leading to even more profit. If you are lucky enough to find another 3 scatter symbols during your free spin time, then you will earn 15 more free spins. This can happen up to 15 times which would mean you could earn around 240 free spins in total.

If you are lucky enough to find three gold dollar signs across reels 2, 3, and 4 at the same time, they will spin to match up and reveal a cash prize. The amount that you win is random but will be based on the amount of your original bet- so the more you bet, the bigger the prize. There is also the Mystery Grab bonus which could earn you a second cash prize. Reels 1,3 and 5 contain a blue shopping bag. If this bag appears on your reel three times you will be given the opportunity to choose some cards, which lead to even more winnings.

But perhaps the biggest winnings from this game come from the expensive diamond rings. If you match up 5 diamond rings across the scots you can choose between the current prize jackpot which is displayed at the top corner of the game or a trip to New York for a shopping holiday – both unbelievable prizes!

The shopping spree online slot does include the popular but risky Gamble feature which allows you to boost your winnings or lose everything! If you want to Gamble your winnings from a round, the Gamble bonus will appear on a second display where you will be confronted with one playing card that is facedown in the middle of the screen. At the side of the playing card, you will find two options – red or black. You have a 50/50 chance of winning here and if you select the right one, you could win up to 3,000,000 credits! However, select the wrong one and you will lose your initial winnings. You can play up to five of these rounds in a row to reach the maximum profit.

But will the Shopping Spree slot live up to its name and deliver the cash straight to your wallet that will allow you to go shopping? Well, the RTP (Return to Player) percentages look promising! Sitting at 95.44%, the game will pay out 95.44 for every 100 spent – however, this might not go to the same player. This is slightly above average for most slot games and is pretty good odds.

The Shopping Spree slot game is not like other slot games in the sense that it has its own unique theme, there are very few slot games on the market that are dedicated to retail therapy so this one stands out. The background shows a lady with overflowing shopping bags which sets the tone of the game quickly, while the icons include lipstick, perfume bottles, and discount price tags – all of which directly link to the idea of shopping. While the icon designs are simple, they are effective as you can clearly see what they are all meant to be and they are brightly coloured, catching the players' attention and making them crave even more retail therapy.

This themed slot is definitely designed with shopping lovers in mind. The bonus features give you many opportunities to boost your shopping budget and are simple and easy to understand. All experience of players will find joy in this slot game and it is one that you should add to your shopping list to try.