Secret Garden

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Secret Garden


Play Secret Garden™ Slot

Take in the bright coloured flowers and animals scurrying within nature with Eyecon’s Secret Garden slot game. Explore the leafy surroundings and search for the stunning red roses and you embark on your adventure down the garden path and into the lush countryside. Search high and low for the great bonus features hidden in the trees that could lead you to a great growth in profits.

When you open this game, you will immediately notice the five spinning reels with 25 play lines framed in a rustic grey wooden frame. To begin, set your stake using the bet and lines button at the bottom right hand side of the screen. Use the toggle to increase or decrease your bet amount and the amount of pay lines that you want to use at once – choose between 1 and 25. To get rid of this menu, press the bet and lines button again.

Select the Autoplay button which is located at the top right of the screen which allows you to play up to 100 games in a row without having to manually spin the reels every time. If you would rather do it yourself, then use the large grey spin button on the right hand side to start playing. The bar along the top of the screen contains all the information that you need to keep an eye on including your stake, total credit and any winnings that you have.

Keep an eye out for the lucky gold master keys who will help unlock a secret within the secret garden! Match three or more of these keys and unlock beautiful flowers that you need to water. If you select the correct flowers to water, they grow and you win some great prizes. The watering can also refill, allowing you to water more flowers and potentially win more prizes.

The main feature in the Secret Garden slot is the free spins feature. Match three or more of the countryside gate symbols and gain at least 15 free spins, where you can win without betting any of your own cash. Think of the scatter gate symbol as a fertiliser that will allow your profits to flourish as they will multiply your total stake by 2 times if you match 2 gates, 5 times multiplied if you match 3, 20 times if you match 4 and an unbelievable 450 times if you find 5 gates on the same reel.

What is unique about the Secret Garden slot game is that there are no playing card symbols on the reel at all. Usually, there are some filler card symbols dispersed among the special features however the secret garden ensures that all the symbols are garden themed and match perfectly. The brightly coloured daffodils, sunflowers, ladybirds and butterflies all pay up to 4 times your stake if matched. The toadstool and tree multiply your stake by 5 times, dragonfly and blue bird by 10, and the orange bird by up to 18 times. The weather symbols in the garden are the top playing normal symbols – look out for the rainbow and the sun – if you match 5 of these symbols across the reels then your stake will multiply by 38.

The Secret Garden Slot also includes the popular Gamble feature where you can maximize your winnings by up to 50%. If you win on a spin of the reel and select the Gamble option, you will be whisked to a second screen and asked to pick a facedown card covered in a magical red rose. Guess the correct face on the card – either a red heart or black spade and double your money. There are good odds in this Gamble round, with you having a 50/50 chance of winning big.

But will the Secret Garden slot game allow your profits to bloom and grow? Well, the RTP (Return to Player) percentages look promising! Sitting at 95.4%, the game will pay out 95.4 for every 100 spent – however, this might not go to the same player. This is about standard for most slot games and is pretty good odds.

Set in the heart of Violet’s garden, the reels are made up of cracked wood, grey stone and creeping floral vines which frame the game beautifully. The graphics are delicately drawn and include vibrant colours that really show off the best of the nature around us. As we discussed before, all the symbols are nature themed which really help immerse you deeper into the theme of the game. The reels are covered in plant life with trees, flowers and mushrooms and animal life that includes dragonflies, butterflies and ladybirds. Even the background of the slot machine shows lush greenery that leaves you feeling comforted and calm. The whole theme takes you back to your childhood with the idea of fairytale fantasy woods and gardens, with adorable nature sounds and light music to make you feel right at home.

If you love a themed slot game, then the Secret Garden online slot will not disappoint. The game really shows off the natural beauty of the planet, is easy to understand and has some great bonus features with great multiplier opportunities! The game is easily accessible from a home PC, or if you fancy playing in the surroundings of your own secret garden, it can also be accessed through any mobile device. Whether you are naturally green fingered or not, you will be ready to dig in and dig up some blooming great rewards.