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A detailed description and game features of Reel King Mega from Red Tiger Gaming. Reel King Mega Slot (2022) Review. The slot game RTP is 96.17% and has 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 winning paylines. Look out for the Reel King features such as Super Symbols and King’s Crown where you can win up to 25x.

Reel King Mega

Reel King Mega is an online slot machine with 5 reels and 20 paylines. This classic slot uses the wild symbol to replace other symbols for the big wins. King-sized symbols improve your odds when playing the Reel King Mega online slot. Regal reels spin in this retro slot from Red Tiger Game mixing classic symbols with a few modern tweaks.

Game review

Sitting atop a plush red backdrop, the five reels offer a traditional mix of fruit, royal symbols and wilds alongside golden coins. Wait for the crowns to drop into the game, bestowing majestic wilds with every bounce and the king himself will occasionally pop in, complete with a mini-game in his belly, offering you more chances to win. With a generous RTP, you don’t need a crown estate to feel like royalty.

The gameplay is on five reels over three lines and the graphics of cherries, plums and royal symbols are simple, but who needs garish bling when you are royalty? The ambient sounds are largely of the reels, although strings and trumpets appear to herald mini-games and big wins. The backdrop is a vista of the kingdom over the king’s golden riches and is embellished by fun animations of his majesty as he keeps a watchful eye over the game. Reel King Mega draws on a long heritage of slots that will be familiar to the most seasoned of players, with the focus mainly on the reels. Some symbols include the queen symbols, cherries, gold and some fruit.

How to play

The five-by-three is a straight-forward game to play. The play area offers twenty paylines, on which you need a match of three or more symbols to win. Playing is as simple as setting your regal wager and then spinning the reels. If affairs of state demand your attention, and you are in a hurry, you can set autoplay for up to 100 spins and if you really need to speed things up, there’s a turbo option. You can combine these with spending limits if you need to keep an eye on your treasury.

How to win

Winning is as simple as landing three or more symbols in a row. This is where the retro feel to the game comes in, with the classic cherry symbol joining plums, 10s, Js, Qs, Ks, wild jesters’ hats and — the top paying symbol — a pot of gold coins. The Reel King likes to live it large though, so it’s not just matching symbols on the five reels and the Reel King Mega online slot has a few additional features to make gameplay a bit more interesting.

There’s not much point being a king if you can’t flaunt it, that’s why the king lives in a castle and not a hut. And the Reel King brings the same thinking to his slot. As well as the usual symbols at the usual sizes, each has a royale-sized two-by-two equivalent. Land one of these to fill a bigger space, and you can also create some royale-sized wins.


The king will also pop up at random to trigger the King’s Crown feature. These are slightly unusual royal visits and instead of the smell of fresh paint and him asking ‘and what do you do?’ he drops his crown, with each bounce around the reels turning the symbols it hits wild. When the crown finally bounces off the reels the pay-out is updated, so if you are lucky, this can offer some big pay-outs.

The Reel King feature is where the Reel King Mega slot really bestows its majesty on you. While you play, you’ll notice that the reels can turn gold. When all five reels glisten fit for a king, you’ll trigger a royal visit, courtly music will play, and you will have an audience with the Reel King himself. His belly is not full from a banquet, though, but instead with a three-reel mini-game where you can accumulate some big wins. The mini-game consists of blue, yellow and red 7s. Matching three 7s of any colour will win you double your stake, but matching three of the same colour can win you up to 25 times your stake. What’s more, your first spin is a guaranteed win, and the spins will just keep coming until you have a losing spin. A good run with this feature can quickly fill the palace coffers.

Reel King RTP

This exciting slot offers steady game play. While the really big wins might be infrequent and the features limited compared to other slots, the Reel King doesn’t demand too many taxes from his subjects either. With low volatility gameplay and a generous RTP of 96.16, you won’t find your cash depleted too quickly, and this slot offers great value if you are looking for something you can play a bit longer without raiding your treasury. And whether you are minor royalty or a flamboyant monarch, you can set your stakes accordingly, with a minimum of 0.20 to a maximum of 200.00 per spin.

King jackpot

Unlike many games, you can get some big wins from just spinning the reels with the Reel King Mega slot, especially if you have a Super-Symbol or a King’s Crown bonus, improving your chances. While wins start by matching three symbols, the king-sized wins come from getting five in a row. Starting with 40 times your stake for five cherries or five plums, all the way up to 500 times your stake if you get five bags of coins. The Reel King mini-game also offers the chance for big wins of three 7s ranging from two times your stake for mixed colours to 25 times your stake for three red 7s, and because you keep spinning while you are winning, there’s the chance of regal pay-out here too. The king jackpot system is a one of the bonus features of this game. Look out for the jackpot symbols to get a chance for the progressive jackpot.

Free play

New players can win free spins with their first deposit. Add 10 pounds to your account to spin the Mega Reel and receive up to 500 free spins. There are free spins for some slot games and casino games, as well as other prizes.

Play Reel King Mega online

The low volatility and good RTP means that you don’t need to be a king or queen to play. And while you might not be buying any palaces with your winnings, the prizes are big enough that there’s the chance you’ll be able to live like royalty for a short while. Reel King Mega slot may not be over-flowing with features, but instead traces its royal lineage back to traditional slots with its classic symbols and simple gameplay. This is enhanced with a few simple features that add interest and excitement without overwhelming the basic slot roots.


Who are the game providers?
Reel King Mega was developed by Red Tiger Game - a well-known creator of slot machines and other casino games.

Where can I play Reel King?
You can play Reel King Mega right here on our site. Register today to play this game.

What other online slots are there?
You can find hundreds of online slots on Fluffy. Take a look at all the games here.

What is the max bet For Reel King Mega slots?
You can bet up to 200 pounds in this game. The minimum bet is only 20p. So definitely a game for everyone.

What is the Reel King feature?
The Reel King feature comes into play, when you get 5 golden reels. The triggered reel king will place countless mini slots on your reels and give additional wins.

What does the king's crown do?
The crown may randomly bounce all around your reels and place wild symbols for you. Symbols hit by the wild can be replaced with any other symbol.

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Reel King Mega Slot


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