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Reel Hunters


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Watch out for the vampire that will bite your neck to trigger the free spin round that everyone knows and loves. Careful not to fall in love has his female companion will reward you with a chance to obtain a multiplier of up to 500x. Do you think you’re ready to hunt those pesky blood-sucking animals in Reel Hunters online slot game? Experienced players will recognise the classic structure of a well-balanced slot game with super smooth graphics that feels like pulling the string back off a bow and watching it fire into the heart of a vampire. Play online on your laptop, PC or mobile so you can never get caught!

Find yourself in a village setting whilst the sun has sat, and darkness overhauls the paytable. These 5 reels and 3 row slot’s feature symbols are the vampire hunters both of which will introduce amazing hunter bonus rounds and rewards when you land on their symbol. The female hunter is the key to maximise your multiplier whilst landing on three male hunters will trigger the free spins round; or you could just land on this game’s wild symbol to better your winning combinations. When you embark on your hunting journey, you’ll find yourself fascinated with the beautiful design and smooth sailing graphics that will be rather kind to your virtual account.

Before you play, select your bet and stake by choosing whichever coin value you desire by selecting the different arrows to increase or decrease the value. You will see a section titled, ‘cash bet’ which is where your total will be viewed, and the max bet shortcut button is super useful when you want to be a high roller and spin at the maximum stake you can.

The developers of Reel Hunters online slot game know that everyone plays in different ways. That’s why they’ve included both manual spin buttons and the ability to have up to 1000 auto spins – so you can hunt those vampires without getting out of breath.

When you open the game, click on the plus button at the bottom right to access the menu options:

  • Settings icon
  • Paytable
  • Game rules and menu
  • Home button
  • Sound controls

If you know that the reels can get out of hand sometimes, then be sure to set a budget for your Reel Hunters slot as well as any timeouts that you’d want to take to make sure that you’re always in control of what you’re doing, what your winning, and who you’re hunting.

This superbly designed game holds clear and translucent reels that have huge standout, bold symbols that evolve around the idea of vampirism and hunting those evil figures of the night. The hunters are your friends as you can find them during the bonus rounds rummaging around on the reels in an animated and zoomed in image.

The features in this game aren’t the most explosive or groundbreakingly new, however, they have been marvellously integrated into the gothic and nightly aesthetic that makes them feel brand new. Not only that but they can bring huge rewards with them like free spins and cool multipliers.

This games developers ReelNRG bring this dark mysterious theme straight to the reels in Reel Hunters online slot game. Find the background being a spitting image of a medieval village, with one of the houses being broken down and discarded; so you could find some vampires planning there next victims under the bright moonlight beams being sent spookily over the house. The reels are bordered with flames dazzling out of pure stone to give you a ‘reel’ sense of the fiery evil that cascades the village in Reel Hunters. ReelNRG have made sure to create a well-built and strong slot game with cool audio and spooky graphics to make this game full of potential as the bonus features arrive on your screen.

With vampiric features that help you with winning combinations and multipliers this game hosts a medium to high volatility. This means that although you may not win as frequently, when you do the winnings will be hugely rewarding and enough to escape the European village.

Consider yourself thankful with a RTP of around 96% which is above average for most online slot games.

Find yourself in complete luck when you fall upon these high paying symbols:

  • The Crow
  • A Crossbow
  • A wooden Stake
  • Potion Bottles

The low payouts should also be noted:

  • J, K, Q and A
  • 9 & 10 Card Royals

The wild Symbol acts as it usually does across most games by swapping out all the game symbols on the reels except for bonus and scatter symbols, allowing you to create even better winning combinations.

To aim in this 5 reel and 3 row slot game featuring 20 paylines, is to locate 3 or more symbols on opposing reels. There are 11 symbols that will be playable with 4 high paying and 6 low paying which is a pretty even split.

Bonus Feature: Look for the female vampire hunter who you won’t be able to miss with her huntress outfit, as she stands by the wheel of fortune that gives you a high multiplier and top payout. Just land this symbol on reels 5, 3 or 1 to activate the bonus features.

There are 20 valuable paylines fixed in Reel Hunters slots, in which you can choose a coin valued anywhere between 0.01 to 3.00 to help your stakes. Bet as small as 0.20 if you’re afraid of those big risks but potentially high rewards, but if they’re what you live for than you can bet up to 60.00 per spin. You’ll want to win big with a huge 1000x multiplier that you can activate in the normal games and an additional 500x multiplier in the bonus games sending your maximum payout up to 30,000.

You’ll want to locate the crow for those big payouts as it attributes 50x multiplier onto your bet. The stake, potions and crossbow are next most valuable, with the letters and numbers coming behind at the bottom of the pile.

We thought we’d lay it out for you so that you know what you should be looking out for on those reels:

  • Ten and Nine = 25x
  • Queen and Jack = 40x
  • Ace and King = 100x
  • Holy water = 200x
  • Stake = 250x
  • Crossbow = 500x
  • Ravens = 1,000x

Why not feast your eyes on the scenes that play out as epic vampire hunters are put to the test against those evil vampires that haunt the European village at night, with flames sparking off the fine stone of the reels and epic features coming straight to your screen. With a payout that suits most players and a volatility that is in good condition – you’ll be sure to enjoy this online slot game.