Penguin Vacation

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Penguin Vacation


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Name one animal that everyone loves? The cute and innocent penguin. Penguin Vacation is a 5 reel, 20 pay line slot game created by popular game designers Playtech. It is easy to understand and has some great bonus features that could end up boosting your winnings. This is a game to pay whether you are hiding inside from the harsh temperatures, or you are sitting in your Hawaiian shirt, soaking up the sun. The game is available on a PC, Apple or Android device so can be accessed everywhere. So let’s take a dive into the Penguin Vacation slot game.

The first thing to do when you begin playing this game is to set your stake and the number of lines that you want to play. The lines and bet buttons at the bottom left hand side of the screen will help you do this. Select this option and use the plus and minus signs to select your bet amount and the number of lines. You will see your total bet to the right of this. It is then time to jump into gameplay by pressing the purple spin button, at the bottom, right-hand side of the game.

On the reel itself, the icons all have different winning amounts. Some of the icons with the highest value include the variety of adorable penguins, the fishing rod and the suitcase. Keep an eye out for these as they could add up to one catch of the day for you.

The classic playing card symbols from 9 through to A will complete many of the winning lines, and while you will need at least 3 of a kind across a line to win anything, you could still earn up to 150 times your stake with these basic symbols if you match 5 across the reel.

Now, you could press that spin button multiple times and gain some kind of repetitive strain injury, or you could use the very clearly signposted AutoPlay option, which will let you select how many spins you want to play at once – up to a maximum of 99. Don’t worry though, even if you choose 99 spins, you can stop it at any time. One key icon to look out for is the adorable baby penguin sliding down an ice slide. This icon is the games wild feature and it can boost your winnings when found on the reel. This icon can substitute others, creating more winning rows. If you are lucky enough to match multiple sliding penguins, then you could win up to 10,000 times your initial stake!

Look out for the frosty fishing symbol as this is the Scatter design for this game. Match up three or more of these little icons across the reels and you will access the free spins feature which allows you to play and earn money, without using your stake. Initially, when accessing this feature, you are given 8 free games to play, where there are also 2x multipliers, but if you are lucky enough to find more fishing symbols on your free spin reels, you can gain up to 15 more spins.

The free spins also take you to a Bonus round screen which features an adorable Penguin fishing through 5 holes in the ice. Choose two holes and reveal your reward – whether it be prize multipliers or more free spins. Like many popular slot games, the Penguin Vacation online slot contains the famous ‘Gamble’ feature which allows players to boost their wins even further. This feature is automatically accessed at the end of the spin when you have earned some winnings. The Gamble option takes you to a Penguin who offers you two different cards – red or black, if you chose correctly – you win even more money!

But will the Penguin Vacation slot live up to its name and let you win some cash to go towards a getaway of your own? Well, the RTP (Return to Player) percentages look promising! Sitting at 94.25%, the game will pay out 94.25 for every 100 spent – however, this might not go to the same player. This is about standard for most slot games and is pretty good odds.

The slot has an adorable and fresh winter theme that includes cute, perfect little penguins. Who doesn’t love penguins, right?! Behind the reel, the background is a cool blue colour and looks like ice, giving the feeling that the slot itself is suspended in an iceberg. All the colours in the reel are cool toned and frosty, getting across the freezing atmosphere. The icons themselves fit in well with the theme – from Antarctic Tour labelled suitcases, to cute fish popsicles and of course adorable penguins. There are multiple penguin icons but our favourite has to be the one sliding down the ice slope as it looks like it is having so much fun! Even the card symbols like Ace and King are linked in with the theme – they look like they are made of ice and are topped with fresh snow. This is a nice touch as it reels the player in, immersing them in the cold Antarctic landscape. One thing that is missing however is some cold and wintery music or sound effects in the background that would top the game off nicely.

If you are a fan of classic slot games, or you love different and unusual theme, then the Penguin Vacation slot game is one that you will certainly enjoy. The display is really clear and easy to understand, while the bonus features mean that you have the potential to win big. So grab your fishing rod and follow the Penguins down the slide today to try your luck at winning some ice cool profits.