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Mustang Gold


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Yeeha! Howdy slots players and welcome to a land where wild horses gallop through the empty streets, hay bales roll around quiet towns, and cowboys enter dusty saloons. Will you discover treasure in the local gold rush? You are sure to discover some when playing Mustang Gold. This super slot game is action packed with extra features that are sure to keep you in the land of the Wild West for a long time. You will definitely find yourself encapsulated in this foreign environment by the images of elegant Mustangs and the sounds of country and western movies echoing in your ears as you play.

The Mustang Gold online slot game allows you to spin the horses and land on sheriffs’ badges and horseshoes which lead you to extra prizes – more on this later. Sounds amazing, right? On top of this, Mustang Gold allows you to win instant cash prizes and has not 1, not 2 but FOUR different jackpots where you can multiply your winnings.

Gaming fans will be very familiar with the layout of this game due to its 5 reels made up of three rows. The game is accessible for all fans and is really easy to play – meaning that everyone can enjoy it! It can be accessed on all platforms such as a desktop PC, mobile device or tablet. The controls at the bottom of the screen control the Mustang Gold Online Slot. The button entitled ‘Bet’ allows you to choose the amount that you would like to gamble with – ranging from 0.25 all the way up to 125 coins for every single spin. The ‘i’ button on the left had side of the screen allows you the access the menu tab. Once you set your game, spin the machine and keep your fingers crossed! It really is as easy as that – set and spin.

The developers of this game, Pragmatic Play, have made sure that it is easy to understand so have chosen recognisable symbols with a Western twist. You instantly notice that the ‘face cards’ of J, Q, K and A are beautifully designed in a Country and Western font style. Other symbols also link in with this creative theme and include cowboys and cowgirls, horseshoes, sheriff badges as well as black and white mustangs, linking in with the game’s name. If you are aiming for your slot to land on any symbol – look for the white mustangs. Landing on this will lead to a potential win of £2500! If the game logo pops up during your spins, jump for joy as it can substitute any symbol perhaps bringing you a big win. And if you don’t manage to find a game logo or white mustang? There are still plenty of opportunities to win significant amounts of cash – if you spin 5 As across the reel you will receive a lovely £500 in your winning pot.

What makes this game even more special is landing on the illusive golden horseshoe symbol which will appear on any of the first four reels of the game with random cash amounts attached to them. These horse tracks will lead you to even more gold. If one or more horseshoes appear on the reels and a Sherriff badge (the collect symbol) pops up on the fifth reel, you can lasso them up and win an instant cash prize!

To win big money in this game, focus on entering the free spins round. To do this, you need to land three scatters (the campfire symbol) across reels 2, 3 and 4. If you manage this, then YEE-HAW, 8 free spins are coming your way! You can trigger this magical moment an unlimited amount of times. It is during this free spins round that even more horseshoes and sheriff’s badges are added to increase your luck even more! This gives you more chances to hit the money collect feature too. How exciting!

So here is where it gets a little complicated, but don’t worry, we’ll talk you through it. If you spin the reel and land on at least 1 horseshoe money icon with a jackpot also on the slot and the Sheriff’s badge on reel 5, you get a free jackpot bonus round! Let’s hope the Wild West’s stars align and lead you to this secret round. If you manage to find four jackpot bonus icons you win extra Jackpot prizes. The bonus game has four different jackpots on offer – so even more chances to win. A mini jackpot means that your total bet is multiplied by 50. Minor jackpot multiplies it by 100. Major jackpot by 200 and a grand jackpot multiplies it a whopping 1000 times. Match three of the same jackpot symbols and reap the rewards.

But will the mustang gold online slot live up to its name and deliver the gold? Well, the RTP (Return to Player) percentages look promising! Sitting at 96.53%, the game will pay out 96.53 for every 100 spent – however, this might not go to the same player. This is higher than many other slot games so grab your cowboy boots and jump on in to enjoy the benefits of this game! This perfect for you if you love themed slot games and are always looking to try more. The design of the game sticks brilliantly to the Wild West theme and transports you to a new world. The addictive slot and extra bonuses will be sure to keep you entertained for hours. The instant cash prizes are an added bonus and the high RTP means that luck may just be on your side. So, grab your cowboy hat and ride on down to play Mustang Gold today.