Monsters of Rock Megaways

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Monsters of Rock Megaways


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If you’re a fan of high volume, heart-palpitating and adrenaline rushing music, then join the concert on the six-reeled metallic-themed online slot game brough to you by Storm Gaming Technology. With the backdrop of a graphically detailed cartoon rocker bashing out some tunes to the hordes of fans, the metallic tune may send some fantastic features and awesome rockin’ wins your way.

Listening to rock music during your spare time, or even if you’re just in the mood for some head banging, then join Monsters of Rock Megaways as it will be the most vital site you’ll embark upon. Go to the control centre to adjust the volume controls, but we’re sure that players will only want to hit the increase volume button, with the metallic strings of base and electric guitars filling your ear canals, with the beat of a low pitched drum succeeding and intermingling, players will feel as if they’re right at a concert.

The music industry and online slot games surrounding the theme can be very specific to individuals. But you can always mute the backing track and enjoy the stunning visuals coupled with some features that will rock your socks off. Consider the cascading reels, multipliers, scatter symbols and free spins all of which could be yours if you find yourself lucky enough.

Here are some important steps to take before playing:

  • Set the volume up to its maximum level and begin playing.
  • Pick your bet from anywhere from 0.20 to 100.00 per spin.
  • To make it easier to choose the max or min bet simply click on the green or red button that will shoot your bet to the max or start it from the minimum.
  • Up the paytable where you can find out all the symbol properties and values.
  • If you fancy watching the winning combinations drumroll into your virtual account, then select the Auto-play feature.

When selecting this feature, you can simply kick your feet up, put your recommended headphones in and enjoy the concert whilst making some coin on the side. If you’re worried about not being able to control when the Auto-spin features ends, then set a maximum win and loss limit.

Storm Gaming has pushed out Monsters of Rock Megaways slots to take the jump to virtual iGaming. The developers have been around for a long time, they’ve got decades of experience to jam into this game with special graphics and a whole team of designers to make the game extra special. Storm Gaming have made sure to include the extra features to separate this game from the rest of the music-centred themes. So, not only can you sit back and relax to enjoy the music, casino players can also enjoy a wealth of experience that is extremely clear within the graphics and attention to detail.

Players have always adored the Free Spins bonus feature; therefore it is incredibly obvious that Monsters of Rock Megaways online slot game should have them included in their gameplay. Get 10 Free Spins and more by hitting the following symbols:

  • Find 4 scatter symbols on the reels – achieving 10 free spins.
  • Locate an additional scatter for an additional 5 free spins.
  • If you manage to be lucky enough to locate 6 scatter symbols then you can find yourself with up to 22 free spins to enjoy, allowing those winnings to add up and land into your virtual account.

The features will begin the Unlimited Win Multiplier:

  • This will start out at 1
  • Increase with every return that takes place on the reels.
  • Has no limit as to how high the multiplier can go up to.

Bash the drums and strum the guitar with a medium volatility slot game that contains an RTP above the average for most games.

The Return to Player is based on the length of time that you spend strumming on the reels. An RTP essentially calculates what you’re return will be on a 100.00 valued stake over a thousand spins. What that means is, that the more spins that you partake in, the higher the chance of reaching that RTP will be. Medium volatilities are preferable to most players simply because you have the best of both worlds. The frequency of wins is at a good level and the payout is equal to that. You’ll be able to enjoy la combination of low variance and high variance game winnings and structures.

Within Monsters of Rock Megaways, players can enjoy concrete payouts with huge multipliers. Find the correct combination of symbols to achieve the multiplier of 2,500x your original bet. The developers have set Monsters of Rock Megaways online slot games jackpot to 250,000, which with the unlimited number of multipliers and an RTP of 96.29 is well worth the investment. There are 117,649 ways to win that is selected randomly. You can find 2-7 symbols within the reels one and six respectively and find 2-6 winning symbols between the reels 2 and 5.

Monsters of Rock includes an additional reel which will serve as an extension between reels 2 and 5, meaning that more symbols will land and the probability of you achieving a winning payout increases.

As we’ve stated throughout, Monsters of Rock slots online contains loads of additional features to keep the game entertaining whilst the backdrop music immerses players into the game even further.

  • Mystery Symbol – the mystery symbol will be changed into a matching symbol once it hits the reels and will increase your chance of achieving multipliers. It will look like a stack of amplifiers, one on top of the other.
  • Pick Me bonus – find at least 3 scatter symbols which come in the form of a Record within the same spin. This will trigger the feature round where you will choose 1 of 3 awesome album’s and win a cash prize.
  • High Voltage Feature: triggered randomly, this feature will remove the lower valued symbols from the reels and replace with higher valued ones.
  • Chain Reaction – it’s what it says on the tin. Start a chain reaction as the winning symbols that you located will be replaced with newer symbols on the reals meaning that every spin that you partake in will have new symbols making the game and each spin completely distinctive to one another.

Take yourself on a journey to the concerts where the heavy metal bands will be bashing the drums, screaming into the microphones and strumming their electric guitars. With a great return to player that benefits those players that put time and effort into the game and awesome features that makes the game seem brand new each spin that you turn. The developers have included the fan favourite free spins as well as huge multipliers that seem to go on forever.

If you’re an experienced slot player or someone simply starting out then Monsters of Rock Megaways is playable for all with great bet sizes that caters for adrenaline junkies or casual players.

Get your guitars out now and brandish those strings for winning combos.