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A detailed description and game features of Mad Monsters from Leander Games. Mad Monsters Slot (2022) Review. Mad Monsters is a 7x7 grid slot machine with 10 paylines and a 95.73% RTP. The game features a free spins round and wild willy symbols.

Mad Monsters

The Mad Monsters slot has a return to player of 95.73 percent and uses a 7 by 7 grid with 10 paylines. The free spins make for the most valuable symbol, since you can expect higher wins during the wild willy free spins. Perfect for all player types, from casual to experienced, the Mad Monsters slot game is colourful, fun and full of action! Volatility is low, as even no-win situations invoke the appearance of the Bad Bandit, a curious critter that runs across your board and changes monster tiles into wild monster tiles. It was created by developer Leander Studio and provides players with a large 7X7 grid and the chance to win using cluster wins. Play to activate the seven unique and fun bonus features and go for big wins to load up the Monster Meter!

Game rules and gameplay

Mad monsters online slot has a cascading system which allows players to string together multiple wins before a pay-out is calculated. As you may have guessed, out of all the tiles available, the three different types of fruit available are worth the least amount, while the monsters are worth the most. There are, however, six different monsters, and each monster carries a different value. Playing requires selecting a bet per spin. Once the amount being bet has been selected, hitting the spin button will start the slot game. Each individual reel spin resets the entire 7X7 board and allows for new groupings to form. If you secure a win in Mad Monsters slot, the winning monster tiles explode, allowing brand-new tiles to fall in and take their place.

Game developer

Leander Studio take an interesting trip to an alien planet filled with colourful monsters and fruit that can all stack up to ensure cluster wins for the bulk wins for the player with as much as 1000x on a bet. While Leander games have not had many exciting releases in 2020 within the basic payout system, Mad Monsters slot counts as one of the more interesting ones.

Symbols and features

The six top monster symbols (Smokey, Wild Willy, Nutty Niki, Psycho Sienna, Crazy Charlie and The Pumper), have associated Mad Features that can help boost win rates. In addition, they all add the Wild feature, further increasing the chance of winning by helping you match even more tiles at once. While wins can be fairly low in this slot game, there are more than enough features to delight and amaze, while your reel in frequent wins. Overall, the cluster system pushes the RTP up to 95.73%, even when taking into account the lower cluster wins.

Going from lowest multiplier to highest, each different symbol carries a different type of multiplier. The three available fruit tiles add 3.2x to the bet. Then, the three monsters on the lower multiplier end are The Pumper with 6x, Crazy Charlie with 5x and Psycho Siena with 4x; they are coloured green, red and violet respectively. Next in line is Smokey, the brown coloured monster, who applies a 16x multiplier to your bet, then the Nutty Niki, a bright yellow monster who adds a 10x multiplier. Finally, the most valuable monster you can find is the blue Wild Willy, as a maximum cluster of 49 symbols can generate a pay-out value of 250x the original bet.

The “Wilds” are wild symbols, represented by golden monster idols, which can substitute any tile in order to ensure bigger wins. There is also a curious creature that shows up if there are no wins on the reels, who makes its way around the grid, turning other symbols into wilds at random along the way; he's called the Bad Bandit, but he's technically there to help. Other than the six different types of monsters and the two special types of tiles, there are also three different types of fruits which can be matched up, namely: oranges, plums and watermelons.

Free play

Filling up the monster meter on the left-hand side of the screen with angry juice provides the player with free spins on the Wheel of Fortune type mini-game, as well as several other features, themed according to specific monsters. The greater the number of wins, the quicker the monster meter on the left-hand side of the screen fills up with angry juice. Once full, the wheel that appears can lead to one of six different outcomes:

  • Psycho Sienna – Five free spins alongside Psycho Sienna Power Up Multipliers.
  • Smokey Free – Eight free spins alongside Smokey explosions that create 2X2 Wilds areas.
  • Crazy Charlie – Ten free spins alongside an increase in the value of any Crazy Charlie symbols that show up.
  • Nutty Niki – Five free spins alongside Nikki symbols, turning entire reels into Wilds.
  • Pumper Free – Eight free spins alongside the Pumper symbols turning into 3X3 symbols, allowing for bigger wins.
  • Wild Willy – Ten free spins alongside a win multiplier that increases steadily.

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Theme and graphics

The music in Mad Monsters slot is very enjoyable and cheerful, its upbeat tone matching up perfectly with the rest of the design choices. Additionally, it is clear that Leander Studio put a lot of work and love was put into Mad Monsters. The monsters have dynamic animations, with their increasing anger clearly represented as the Monster Meter fills up. But even when they're not losing their minds, each monster is still constantly moving and dancing in their own tiles on the board. Finally, when monsters match up with each other they explode, allowing other tiles to cascade down to take their place.

Mad Monsters review

Overall, this game is incredibly entertaining and can be easily enjoyed by players of any skill level. It seems like the wacky, angry monsters are here to stay. Join them on their alien planet as you match them up, make them explode and get them all riled up while you fill up the rewarding Monster Meter with all their angry juice. It is undeniable that between the colourful design, adorable animations and enjoyable music, Mad Monsters is very fun. While it may not result in very high pay-outs, the cluster and cascade systems are easy to understand, immediately rewarding and highly addictive. If you're looking for a good entry point into slots as a casual gamer, look no further than these mad critters! On the other hand, if you're a veteran, fear not! Mad Monsters can provide a lovely casual experience and a comforting break from more high-risk games.

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Mad Monsters


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