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Kiss Me Clover


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One popular theme that players can’t get enough of is travelling to the Emerald Isle and playing alongside a cheeky but lucky Leprechaun. Kiss Me Clover explores this land further and lets you play to find the illusive lucky pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This five reel slot, with 25 pay lines is slightly smaller than some of the other Irish Games on the market, but the game does include a few bonus features that prove good things can come in small packages.

The first thing to do when you begin playing this game is to set your stake and the number of lines that you want to play. The lines and bet button at the bottom right hand side of the screen will help you do this. Select this option and use the toggle bar to select your bet amount and the number of lines. It is then time to jump into gameplay by pressing the blue spin button, also on the right-hand side. The bar at the top of the screen will help you manage how much credit that you have loaded on to the game, how much each individual bet you are playing is worth, and how much you have won from your most recent spin.

On the reel itself, the icons all have different winning amounts. Some of the icons with the highest value include the toadstools, green top hat, and the rare golden clover symbol. Keep an eye out for these as they could add up to one big pot of gold. The best payouts on this reel come from the pot of gold item. This is where you discover the real leprechaun luck – if it is seen on reels 1 and 2, then earn up to 10x your stake, however if it crosses all 5 reels, you could earn an amazing 5000x your original bet.

Now, you could press that spin button multiple times or you could use the very clearly signposted AutoPlay option, which will let you select how many spins you want to play at once – up to a maximum to 100. Don’t worry though, even if you choose 100 spins, you can stop it at any time. One key icon to look out for is the Lady Leprechaun with the classic Irish fiery red hair. If you find her on your reel, then she has brought her pot of gold with her as she replaces all the symbols (apart from the clover) to earn you even more money.

Look out for the lucky four-leaf clover symbol as this is the Scatter design for this game. Match up three or more of these little plants across the reels and you will access the Lucky Wheel feature which allows you to play and earn money, up to 100 times your original stake. Initially, when accessing this feature, you are given 25 free games to play, where you can win without betting your own money. The best thing about this feature? You are guaranteed to spin a prize – it really is lucky on the Emerald Isle.

Like many popular slot games, the Kiss Me Clover online slot contains the famous ‘Gamble’ feature which allows players to boost their wins even further. This feature is automatically accessed at the end of the spin when you have earned some winnings. The Gamble option allows you to take a guess between different coloured face down playing cards, if you chose correctly – you can double your winnings. After this, you are given the even more tempting option to take your winnings, or gamble again where you could potentially double your winnings.

But will the Kiss Me Clover slot live up to its name, help you find that lucky four leaf clover and deliver some of that Irish luck straight to your wallet? Well, the RTP (Return to Player) percentages look promising! Sitting at 95.38%, the game will pay out 95.38 for every 100 spent – however, this might not go to the same player. This is slight above average for most slot games and is pretty good odds.

The slot keeps to the classic and popular Irish theme with the main colours being green and gold, and the background behind the slot focusing on the beautiful Irish countryside. The theme is calming, with fresh green valleys, a glistening stream, tall mountains and a bright blue sky as the back drop for the natural wood and clover adorned reel. To the left of the reel, there is a little wooden home with a round door, which may be the home of the illusive Irish leprechaun! Let’s just hope that he leads you to his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Even the icons on the reel link closely to the theme – although many of them are normal card numbers, every icon is set on a backdrop of glowing four-leaf clovers. Other icons include the lucky pots of gold, mushrooms, four leaf clovers, leprechaun hats and a female leprechaun with stunning ginger locks. The cartoon symbols match well with the jolly theme all the extra details help immerse you in the Emerald Isle. What is missing however, is the Irish music, which would elevate this game to a whole new level.

If you are a fan of classic slot games, or you love a good Irish theme, then the Kiss Me Clover slot game is one that you will certainly enjoy. The display is really clear and easy to understand, while the free spins and fiery wild card mean that you have the potential to win big – let’s just hope the luck of the Irish is on your side.