Hoard of Poseidon

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Hoard of Poseidon


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Emerse yourself in this deep blue aquatic ocean themed game that brings to life the Gods of the sea, including Olympia’s very own Poseidon with his three pronged spear. These Gods are protecting their own treasure and livelihood in this battle of the Seas. Can you take in the Kraken in Hoard of Poseidon and defeat the most deadly creatures of the world, some of which still existing today? Including epic bonus features that make use of the in game Wild symbol and even find yourself with multipliers of up to 3,423x. With dedicated time, the developers over at Red Tiger have made sure to boost this games graphics to be luscious and fun to replicate the mythical ocean theme.

The developers of this game have included five reels and four rows for you to access 20 paylines.

  • Auto play: pressing this large green button will open the auto spin menu. Here, you can add some presets such as how many auto spins you want, if you’d like it to pause it when a wild lands, and many other auto spin features to help you relax and control the pace of the game.
  • Setting up the game to start playing is super easy. Just hit the big yellow button centre screen to start playing.
  • If you’re a high roller or worried about your bets, then you can adjust your bet amount super easily. Pressing the stake button in the bottom left hand corner will open the options where you can add or minus your stake.

You’ll want to watch out for those explosive wild symbols that ravish Hoard of Poseidon slots with awesome features:

  • Locked Wilds: find the Kraken and the Chest landing together as the Kraken will hold the Cheat for an additional spin on the reels.
  • loned Chests: here it will be Poseidon and the Chest landing on the reels which will allow for many more cheats to be added to the grid.
  • Poseidon’s Plunder: you’ll love to watch all three wilds land on the symbols in Hoard of Poseidon’s online slot game. Watch as the chaos envelopes as not only do the chests double on the reels but the God of the sea will hunt the Kraken off the reels leaving an inky trail turning into a wild.
  • Ink Wilds: the dreaded battle takes place with Ink Wilds. Poseidon and the Kraken land together and battle against one another leaving another iiy trail to create an additional wild symbol.

You’ll be amazed by the amount of bonus that these wild symbols grant the players. You can be added up to a 5x multiplier when they land as well as the additional bonus games that they create.

iGaming and Red Tiger have hit the nail in the head with incredible amounts of effort out into not just the design of the game but also the incredible features that come along with it, to make this aquatic themed mystical game one of the best. Find Poseidon taking in the Kraken in an epic and dramatic battle for the control of the seas. Watch as deadly detailed and dangerous creatures of the sea join the fight and take the battle to the middle of your screen. With 30 paylies that come stacked with awesome wilds and cool bonus features - your winning combinations and options are endless. Find wilds and high paying symbols for a chance to activate the 3000x multiplier that adds into the current bet - so make sure you’ve got those bet amount nice and high.

The developers of the game have ensured to create many different and interesting symbols for you to land and enjoy incredible winnings. Here they are:

  • Ship in a bottle, ring, magic book and a shell all pay out a 15, 4 or 2x multiplier onto your current stake if you find anywhere between 3-5 of these symbols on the paytable.
  • Poseidon, Kraken and Chests form the 3 wild symbols that activate swimmingly cool features and bonuses.
  • For those lower paying symbols find A-10 royal symbols as you would on normal slot games.

These symbols are what make Hoard of Poseidon online slot game so visually appealing. With dramatic battles that take place and fun filled aquatic themed symbols. These symbols scroll across the reels with a fantasy and mythical audio track to keep you entertained whilst the spinning reels decide your fate.

With a Return to Player slightly below average at 95.71% Hoard of Poseidon slot game can be risky if you smash those hard bets down. The volatility isn’t too high though which means that you can be rewarded with winning combinations the longer you spend on the game. However, the developers included a huge multiplier that can reach u to 3,423x your bet just to make it up to you. Imagine if you could enact this a few times in just one game.

Hoard of Poseidon slots online is a game for all players no matter how experienced or inexperienced you may be. With betting amounts starting at just 0.10 you can start slow and work your way up through the additional features that will help you combine winnings. Or if you’re feeling extra lucky, bet up to 20.00 per spin. If you land in the correct symbols and amass a huge winning combination you’ll fall in love and always be wanting to come back - think of the multiplier too!

It is clear to see that the developers have gone to extreme efforts to make this game for the players. With great betting amounts and and easy to use interface, you can’t go wrong or become confused in this game. With easy auto play features built in for you to enjoy the aesthetics of the game, you’ll be sure to join Poseidon fighting agains the Kraken!

Why not dive deep and start playing now.