Halloween Jack

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Halloween Jack


Play Halloween Jack™ Slot

Playing on 5 reels and 3 rows, this game contains 20 paylines, including so many different ways to win. Halloween Jack boasts a spooky atmosphere for lovers of the historic night with artistic visuals and menacing audio that plays in the background. The developer hasn’t skipped any of the important features that players know and love, with free spins and walking wild features. Find some more re-spins as an additional feature with a huge payout that is available on the night of Halloween. Wilds are the best way to activate these spooky features that will scare you with how good they are.

When you open up this Halloween Jack online slot, you’ll be greeted with the ability to change your level and coin worth. It is important that you think about what you want these two to be as they’ll set your bet for each spin. If you don’t want to deal with all that and love taking risks on the night of the devil and undead, then feel free to smash that Max Bet button and start taking on the reels for huge winnings.

If you love to just watch those winning combinations sparkle brightly on a night of darkness and horror, then this game is just for you. With an auto-spin feature that allows you to sit back and engross yourself in the visuals and creepy soundtrack that makes you feel shudders in the comfort of your own home. Some of the symbols are worth huge amounts. Click on the bottom menu to bring up the menu screen which can tell you the value of each spooky symbol and what the best combinations are.

A horrifying and mystified themed slot game is brought to your screen straight from NetEnt. The developers used their resources and research as to what players love and have brought it straight to Halloween Jack slot game with rich and intensified bonus features that allow players to stay involved the whole time. Earn yourself free spins, re-spins and other amazing features by collecting the wilds; NetEnt have jam packed this game with ghostly action.

A medium volatility means that the amount of risk in this game isn’t too much for each player to handle. It just means that you can play for even longer and win more often. True the wins may not be as large as some of those high roller games, but you can continue to collect your wins as you traverse the undead world and combine all those winnings into one great big collection. The RTP is pretty much average. Sitting at 96.28%, Halloween Jacks will often return winnings straight back to the player meaning that you don’t have to lose very often and can focus on those frequent wins.

Every player that embarks the challenge of online slot games loves the idea of free spins. To activate this round, find and locate at least three scatter symbols which can be anywhere on the reels – so don’t worry about them having to line up on the same reel and evaporating into free air without you getting to use them.

Landing on these three scatter symbols will grant you 10 free spins and if you’re lucky enough to land on an additional three scatters during the bonus free spin round then you’ll find yourself cackling in front of the eerie witches as you can use up to 15 free spins. We’ll take you through the additional wild feature symbols that can take this game to a hair-raising level:

  • Jack ‘o Lantern Wild – locate six lanterns and the next wild symbol that you find will turn into a three high wild stack. Your moving wilds will then be triggered as well.
  • Expanding Death Reaper – Here, you’ll have to find not six, but 9 total lanterns for the next wild to turn into an expanding wild. It says it in the name, so don’t be afraid – this feature will expand the wild over the entire reel and moves each reel to the left with each spin allowing for more frequent winning combinations.
  • Stacked Hell Hound – This is the easier feature to find. With just 3 lanterns to discover then next wild that you fall upon will turn into a two high stacked wild and start its eerie movement over the reels.

As NetEnt are known to cater for every single player, this game is no different. Start playing on the dark and scary reels for only 0.20 per spin for your chance to start off small and rise through the ranks. However, if you’re a big fan of huge payouts and high-risk gameplay, then use the magic of the afterlife with your 100.00 spin to take high risks and hopefully win some high rewards.

There are some high paying symbols in the Halloween Jack game, and we’ll point them out just for you:

  • Bat and Ravens are the lowest paying of the better symbols.
  • Horses will give you a medium payout of 750 coins.
  • Cursed Girl – watch out for her as she may scare the living life out of you. She’ll cackle and chant with her eager eyeballs for a huge 1000 coins.

We’ve spoken about the Walking Wild features but what do they actually do? Well, these spooky yet glorifying symbols have a variety of actions. Throughout the normal spins on the reels the pumpkin head can turn into another symbol except for a lantern of scatters as they help in a different sort of bonus round. So, they give you a better chance at a higher payout with better symbols. They will also trigger the Halloween Jacks re-spin feature. Meaning you have the option to spin again for free to try and get a better winning combination. Whilst this happens, the new symbol will move to the far left on the reels. Don’t worry though. If you’re scared that this symbol won’t show up in the free spins round, you’re in luck. Making those free spins extra frightening as you can continue winning with huge payouts. Then, you have the scatter symbols and free spin option, which if you go to the bonus spins section you can read all about.

If you love spooky, heart and hair-raising slot games, then Halloween Jacks is just for you. With rich and intensive graphics as NetEnt always provide, this game is jam packed full of fun features, free spins and high paying symbols.

Are you ready to be afraid of winnings huge payouts? This game will cast an undead spell on you as you enter Halloween Jacks.