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Fruit Party


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Available to play on a wide variety of devices, from desktop to mobile, the Fruit Party slot game is a masterclass in bringing classic online slots into a modern context. Pragmatic Games have gone above and beyond on revamping the vintage fruit machine while maintaining all literal bells and whistles of physical slots and arcade games that you would find in a casino. Based on how polished it looks and how straightforward but exciting the game features are its undoubtable that fruit machine games are back in full force and here to stay.

As many other online slots, Fruit Party slot has a autoplay mode which can be triggered at any time, but the button labelled autoplay opens up a menu allowing you to choose from a range of settings for the mode as well as how many auto spins should trigger before Fruit Party reverts back to manual mode. The spin button is denoted by a large circle and plus and minus signs on either side allow you to set up how many bets you would like to put forward as well as the coin value per bet. Adjusting these features automatically calculates the total bet amount for you in a straightforward and visually accessible way. Once you’re happy with your bet values and ready to go, hit that spin button or set up the autoplay feature and watch the fruit cascade down!

The most visually appealing aspect of Fruit Party are the cascading reels, also known as the Tumbling Reels. When you land a winning combination of fruit, the combination disappears from the board and new fruits drop down into the empty spots. If those new fruits form more winning combinations with the existing symbols on the board, the process continues until there are no more matches, at which point you are given the option to spin again.

Symbols disappearing and stacking for big wins is all well and good but let’s talk about what types of fruits you can expect to see in this online slot and what kinds of multipliers they carry. All in all, there are 8 different fruits and from highest to lowest pay-out they are as follows:

  • Strawberry Premium: pays up to x150 for 15 symbol clusters
  • Grapes, Apples and Oranges: also known as premium, but they pay out slightly less than strawberries
  • Hearts, Stars and Plums: the three lowest paying symbols on the board

The two bonus features present in the Fruit Party slot game are Free Spins and the Random Multiplier. Free spins initially start if you land upwards of three golden fruit scatter symbols. The minimum of three will reward you with an initial 10 free spins. Landing more scatter symbols will add to the free spin pool as landing 4 or 5 scatters can add 11 or 12 additional free spins. Free spins are also bolstered by the Random Multiplier feature as during free spins Multiplier symbols can carry a x4 multiplier as well as a x2 multiplier and can stack for bets boosted by up to x256.

Speaking of the Random Multiplier feature, it is a bonus that, in the ordinary game outside of the Free Spin mode, can bestow a x2 multiplier to any symbol that is part of a matching cluster. But it is in no way limited to one symbol and instead may randomly appear for multiple symbols within a cluster allowing multipliers to stack and, before you know it, ensure some very impressive payouts!

The multiplier combinations are definitely the main driving point of Fruit Party as the top payout can be 5000x the initial bet. It is absolutely possible that you press the spin button once and just sit back and watch winnings cascade in with the falling fruit. That said, this slot game does have a high variance and so can be fairly risky, but it does also have a decent industry standard Return to Player of 96.5%. The RTP combined with the accessible small value initial bet allowance means this online slot game is perfectly suited for players of all skill levels and means.

As set out above, golden peaches are scatter symbols and landing 3 will reward you with 10 free spins. The Free Spins Feature boosts the Random Multiplier so the best way to win big is to try and trigger as many free spins as possible. Managing to get multiple groups of golden peach symbols during the free spins can really help you piggyback off the initial boost.

That said, the multiplier itself can ensure bigger wins even in slower rounds as it can appear multiple times and it can be helped a great deal by the cascading feature. If you’re impatient and you have the means to however, it is also possible to push the game into the bonus free spin mode if you boost your bet by 100x, thus ensuring greater multipliers quicker.

From a visual design perspective Fruit Party is exactly what it says on the tin. Colourful and cheery, the numerous fruit symbols as well as the heart and star that look remarkably similar to candy drop and pop (when matched) on a plain white board that does detract from their vibrancy. A fantasy world made entirely of fruit serves as the backdrop, pulling you in to addictive but rewarding fruit slot game. The music matches the visuals with its cheery tone and the sound design drives home the rewarding feeling of landing multiple matching clusters as a gentle chiming sound plays every time a winning cluster pops out of existence.

Fruit Party is colourful, cute and incredibly fun and is absolutely a fresh modern take on the old-school fruit slots in casinos and arcades. It may be a little tough to crack at first, but it is definitely accessible with a straightforward design and the opportunity to place small initial bets. In addition, once you get going it’s likely that a streak could continue for quite a while and before you know it you’re surrounded by golden peaches and raking in the wins.