Fae Legend Warrior

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Fae Legend Warrior


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Enter a magical realm of fairy warriors when playing Eyecon's Fae Legend Warrior slot game. You’ll be hoping your reels are enchanted as you look for wilds, scatters and free spins along your journey in the fairy kingdom. A generous number of paylines along with a good RTP means that only at least the winnings won’t be mythical when you’re playing the Fae Legend Warrior online slot.

The game is played in a gold and marble temple, surely the only place suitable for fairy warriors, and play takes place on a standard, five-reel three-line set-up. The symbols are drawn entirely from fantasy, so will take some getting used to: there are none of the familiar symbols from cards or fruit. Instead, you’ll be looking to match potions, gems and magical weapons, as well as the fairy warriors themselves to get to the winnings. The symbols are all well drawn and designed and add to the magical theme. The game’s sound design is limited to Eyecon’s standard sound effects but this means that you are focused on the game play and not distracted by anything else.

Gameplay will be familiar to anyone who has played an Eyecon slot. The standard options are all there. You can set your stake at anything between 1p and 50p per line. As usual the game offers autoplay, so if you need to keep your hands free for fairy combat you can set it to spin up to 100 times. The game also boasts 25 paylines, so you there are lots of opportunities to win and you aren’t limited to just the horizontals. If you like to keep things simple, though, there is the option to limit the paylines in play. While this will reduce your stake, it will also reduce your chances to win, so use this carefully.

The wild symbol is the Legend Key, landing this on a payline will allow it to replace any symbol other than the scatters. It’s incredibly valuable in games, like this, with multiple paylines because a well-positioned wild can help you to a win on more than one payline. But the Legend Key, possessing magical qualities, unlocks more than just wilds in the Fae Legend Warrior game.

If you land three or more Legend Keys you also unlock free spins. Three keys will get you 15 free games, four keys earn you 20 free games and five keys will open a treasure chest of 25 free games. These are more than just free spins. There’s some fairy dust sprinkled in there as well because the value of winning spins is tripled while you are playing your free spins. And if you land more Legend Keys you can earn more free spins, up to fifteen times, meaning it’s possible you can get up 375 free spins, all with the wins trebled.

The blonde fairy warrior is not just the most valuable symbol in the game, winning you 5,000x your stake when you land five of them, it’s also the scatter symbol in the Fae Legend Warrior online slot. Scatters win wherever they land, so the game is even more generous with these than it is with the 25 paylines it uses for the other symbols.

Scatters offer more than one way to win, though. When you land three or more you unleash the Prize Pick feature. When this feature is in play every scatter becomes the opportunity to pick a prize. Pick these carefully because each one could be worth up to 100x your stake. So, on top of your scatter prize, you have the chance to earn even more from the generous fairy warrior.

Fairies have a reputation for generosity. How else can you explain the high value they put on used milk-teeth? And they bring that to the Fae Legend Warrior game. Their gold might have to be hard won in battle, but they are generous when it comes to sharing their spoils. Games with multiple paylines often offset that with less than generous prizes. That is not the case in the Fae Legend Warrior slot. Even in ordinary play the symbols are worth 100x to a massive 5,000x your stake when you land five of them.

The following payouts apply for five matching symbols:

  • Potion = 100
  • Blue gem = 100
  • Hammer = 100
  • Helmet = 100
  • Pink gem = 200
  • Shield = 200
  • Crown = 300
  • Gauntlet = 300
  • Pink fairy warrior = 1000
  • Blonde fairy warrior = 5000

The winnings can really pile up whenever you have any features in play. All prizes during free spins are tripled. Whenever you land a wild and if forms part of a win the prize is doubled. When you add in the Prize Picks it’s clear that it won’t be fairy dust you are sprinkled with but coins when you start hitting the prizes in the Fae Legend Warrior slot.

The game engine has an RTP of 95.4% which is about the industry standard. It has a medium-to-high volatility as well, so you can expect to have periods of play when you don’t win much but, because of that RTP you can expect that when the wins come they are a bit more substantial. You can enjoy Fae Warrior Legend whatever your budget, but it’s a much better game if you can play a longer session to even out those periods without a win.

If you thought that fairies were dainty and gentle then the Fae Legend Warrior game is here to make you think again. The fairy warriors in question may not be battle-axes, but they are fearsome nonetheless, bringing with them the biggest prizes in the game. The graphics are wonderfully designed and immerse you in the fairy world. The game itself may be simple, there is none of the trickery often associated with the magical world, but with its good RTP and generous prizes it is a great slot for a longer playing session. There are plenty of thrills to be had, especially when you trigger free spins or prize picks, that mean these fairies may be making your wishes come true.