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Epic Ape


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As soon as you take your first spin, the eponymous epic Gorilla in the Epic Ape slot game appears as a symbol on the board, so big that its head pops out of the gold frame around it. It stares angrily from behind a red backdrop, but don’t let it intimidate you! This is a slot game where you can win big!

The gorilla’s territory is a secret, almost mystical lush jungle, with dense vines curling amongst the trees to the point where light can barely travel through, and the gentle but consistent sound of birds and insects flitting through the canopy. Playtech’s game is additionally full of other jungle creatures such as panthers, chameleons and drat frogs.

Starting bets in the Epic Ape online slot offer a range of options for players of different means and experience levels. You can begin with a very small bet or a hefty one, but no matter what your choice, you immediately have access to the 4096 different ways to win. Once you have placed a bet you will also have access to the six available reels this game has to offer as it takes you deep into untamed jungle territory.

Besides the general symbols explained below, the slot offers a mix of diamond and scatter symbols which act as wilds and bonus stacking features which, together, can secure a lot of free spins for players as well as multipliers up to 5X. Nonetheless, it is still worth considering the value provided by the standard symbols. While the low payers, the royal letters, will mostly provide 5x your bet, the jungle lizards, the big cats and the gorilla himself can work together to secure you as a player up to 300X your initial wager.

In order to win, you need to get 3 to 6 matching symbols from any of the jungle animals or royal symbols on the board. The ape in Epic Ape slot is obviously the highest paying symbols, with the rest of the animals next in line and the royal symbols coming up last. From lowers to highest, these are the maximum multipliers that each of the symbols offers if you land 6 on a pay line:

  • 4x and 6x for Royal Symbols.
  • 8x for the Frog and the Chameleon.
  • 10x for the Panther and the Leopard.
  • 12x for the Epic Ape.

While only one bonus feature is offered in Epic Game Slot, it does provide the opportunity for great wins. Generally, the amount of free spins you are offered depends on how many scatters you land on a spin. A fantastic addition to this feature is that, if you manage to land another set of 2-6 scatters during your free spins, this will bulk up your free spin bank so you can keep the win streak going.

In order to initially set up free spins for yourself, you will have to land between 3-6 scatters which will net you the following amount of spins as set out below:

  • For 100 free spins, you will need to land 6 scatters.
  • For 25 free spins, you will need to land 5 scatters.
  • For 15 free spins you will need to land 4 scatters.
  • For 8 free spins you will need to land 3 scatters.

Want to take your slot game on the go with you? Well, look no further as Epic Ape slot offers the incredibly adaptable option of playing on your smartphone or your desktop. The quality of the online slot is optimized for either option, but there’s more! Thanks to developer Playtech’s pioneering One Casino software, all players are able to access all Playtech games from the same account, regardless of the device you are accessing the game from. Not only does this make access more secure it also provides significant comfort for players as you do not have to worry about multiple passwords or duplicate emails.

The audio design for the Epic Ape slot deserves a thorough listen. The natural sound of insects and birds is expertly matched with exhilarating music that will pull you directly into the misty jungle setting and make you feel like a voyager charting new, previously undiscovered territory, while logging all of the new and interesting creatures you see, but of course watching out for the giant angry gorilla!

Similarly, Playtech has poured a lot of love into the visual design, with hand-drawn elements and a lovely, consistent lush green theme. Whether on mobile on desktop, it is easy to enjoy your time with this online slot as you click or tap to start spinning, easily switch from Normal to Turbo mode if you would like things to go a little faster and easily adjust your bet value throughout the game.

The multipliers offered by each symbol in the Epic Ape Slot can ensure sizeable wins, but in general, the slot has a variance that sits between medium to high and it’s RTP is on the slightly lower end of the industry standard average, at 95.96%.

Go wild with this whacky and wild online slot! Put on your best explorer outfit, wade into the jungle and surround yourself with dangerous but beautiful creatures, diamonds and lush foliage. The Epic Ape online slot game is a thrilling ride from start to finish, with stunning imagery, amazing atmospheric sound and music, and an easy switch from mobile to desktop that makes playing as hassle free as it can be. It is also uncomplicated in its special features as it provides a bulk amount of free spins based on scatter symbols collected, and you can keep a free spins streak going easily by lading more scatters during your free spins, eliciting a rush like the one you would get swinging from vine to vine across the vast jungle. While the volatility is fairly high, the bet amounts can start very small, providing easy access to players of all means.

So, dive into this amazing topical forest and watch out for that terrifying Epic Ape!