Doubleup Ducks

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Doubleup Ducks


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Take a wander through the stalls and around the rides of a classic fairground in this Eyecon slot, Double Up Ducks! Take aim and take the shot for the chance of winning an enriching prize when playing Double Up Ducks slots!

Another modern twist on a classic formula from the legendary Eyecon Limited, the aesthetics of the Double Up Ducks slot game was designed with the intention of evoking memories of times gone by and of fond, childhood experiences. Journey down memory lane as you spin those five reels and watch those three rows, and then smile in joy as the wins come in on those twenty-five paylines. You might just be lucky enough to trigger the Duck Shooter Free Games or be fortunate enough to have Lady Luck’s blessing in trying to win even more in the Gamble Bonus feature!

The Double Up Ducks online slot subscribes to traditional game mechanics seen in both modern and classic slots, thus paying from left to right across its active paylines. Symbols of varying value and trigger amounts randomly litter every reel per spin, and if they connect across an active payline either by themselves or in combination with other symbols, you win a payout derived from your set payline stake. Your payline stake is your total stake divided up evenly per the amount of active paylines in-play. A special symbol is the adorable Pink Elephant Wild, which not only acts as a substitute for most other symbols in a connecting payline but also pays double what would’ve been paid, had instead a normal symbol been dropped! Two or more Duck Shooter Scatters also pay up multiple times your current stake to a potentially massive 450x, too! Neat, eh?

If the thrilling action from playing the regular wasn’t enough, Double Up Ducks also has two fantastic bonus features: the Duck Shooter Free Games, triggered by three special Duck Shooter Symbols appearing three times anywhere on the reels, and the exhilarating yet risky Gamble Feature... but there’s no reward without possessing nerves of steel, right?

The slot’s controls are laid out in an intuitive way and are very uncomplicated to use: the Spin and Autoplay Icons give you the option to either manually or automatically play the slot for a single round or a set amount of rounds, depending on whether you wish to sit back and watch or eagerly press the Spin Icon by yourself.

Your total stake amount and the amount of active paylines can be changed by clicking on the Line/Stake Icon, giving you a great amount of freedom of choice on how much you wish to play with. You can wager anything from a single 0.01 per active line to a whopping 5.00 per active line! Don’t mind the shakes - that’s just your adrenaline surging!

The Three Bars (often and colloquially called the Burger Bars) Icon opens up a menu that offers numerous options for you to further understand the slot, to alter the layout for your convenience, and to enable or disable the classic slot sound effects. Clicking on the Help Icon brings up a popup that details the slot’s mechanics and rules for you to review at any time. It even has a handy-dandy feature for left-handed slot players that shifts the slot’s control locations to the other side of the screen!

The slot is completely mobile-friendly, too! Perfect for livening up your boring, hum-drum daily commute!

The graphics in the Double Up Ducks slot are, like most classic genre slots, purposefully simple – don’t be fooled in believing that simple equates basic, however. The symbols’ designs are elegantly painted and very detailed, and they are stylized primarily after commonly seen fairground prizes and items, such as the stuffed animals you attempted to win for your childhood sweetheart, balloons, goldfishes, and lollipops. The Pink Elephant Wild does an adorable dance on connecting paylines, and the Duck Shooter Symbol animates upon either a successful Duck Shooter Free Games activation or a double scatter payout – on entering a Duck Shooter Free Game round, the ducks surrounding the reels will come alive and traverse the screen, much like in a real-life duck shooting game!

The slot uses classic slot sound effects that are familiar to players who enjoy classic slots, and it plays a nice little ditty reminiscent of those from old fairgrounds upon scoring a significant payline win.

Double Up Ducks has a great RTP of 94.9% compared to other slots and offers the possibility of enormous wins in regular gaming sessions. Five symbols of a lower value, for example, will pay 5x your line stake, while four can pay up to 25x! Five Pink Elephant Wilds will pay you a mind boggling 9500x!

Even more fun can be had in the slot’s two bonus features.

The Duck Shooter Free Games trigger when Lady Luck blesses you with three or more Duck Shooter scatters appearing anywhere on currently active paylines. You’ll receive fifteen free spins, and every payline win is 3x that of what they would be in the base game. And to add another quack of disbelief to this already generous bonus? It has the potential to retrigger up to 15x – that’s potentially two 225 free spins with triple payouts!

A mechanic that’s becoming more prominent in modern day slots, the Gamble Feature randomly triggers on any normal gameplay spin. Your screen will display two choices, and all you need to do is just pick the correct choice to double-up your last payline win. After you choose a winning option, you can keep progressing until you either decide you’ve pushed your luck enough, taking home your winnings via “Take Win”, or play on to the next heart pounding slot round.

The classic slot genre always enjoys significant popularity, and the Double Up Ducks online slot is another solid addition to its ranks for players to enjoy. The graphics are very detailed and it’s obvious that the designers chose their aesthetics carefully to evoke memories of carnivals and fairgrounds in the slot’s players.

The twin options that’ll allow you to alter your stake and active payline amount makes Double Up Ducks an inclusive slot for any type of player – the slot is a treat for those who are hunting the larger payouts and for players who prefer to gamble with lower stakes. Once a big win hits, the little jingle that plays is a pleasant to hear, cheerful little number that sounds exactly like it could have come from an authentic, old style carnival or fairground.

The free spins’ triple payout is a nice little bonus on its own that’s not really seen in the free spin games of other slots, as they typically just have regular payouts per win. The Gamble Feature isn’t for the faint of heart, but it has great potential in boosting your winnings if triggered. Double Up Ducks’ various customizable options allow it to be inclusive for slot players of every type – you don’t need to be a high roller to enjoy and reminisce when playing this classic offering.

If you feel even more daring and feel the need to dance a tango with Lady Luck herself, there’s even a jackpot variant of the slot out there!

Go on, try your luck and win a prize – you never know!