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Clover Rollover 2 Slot


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A detailed description and game features of Clover Rollover 2 from Eyecon. Clover Rollover 2 Slots (2023) Review. Irish themed slot with 5x winning paylines on 5x reels and a maximum bet of £50. The highest win is 10.000x your bet. The RTP is 93.02%.

Clover Rollover 2 Slot

This progressive jackpots slot by game providers Eyecon features an incredible 10k x biggest win and a maximum wager of 50 pounds. The bonus features include betlines paying both ways. Try find yourself a lucky four-leaf clover before heading down to the Emerald Isle to try your hand at winning the jackpot from the Clover Rollover 2 online slot. You can't find a slot game that is more Irish, and there are many out there – with it leaning into every stereotype that you can think of – red haired maidens, pots of gold and the famous Irish stout. The magnificent colours, jolly music and leprechauns will lead you into a world where hopefully luck is on your side. So, read on to find out all the details about this lucky Celtic game and what luck could potentially lead you to win.

Game Providers

With so many slot games available on the market, developers must create something that makes their games stand out from the crowd in order to make their mark. Playtech released the original Clover rollover game, which quickly gained lots of attention and was a sure fan favourite. Due to the original game's popularity, new developers Eyecon Limited created Clover Rollover 2 which kept the charms and popular features of the original game, while improving player experience and graphic quality to make players even happier.

How To Play

The first thing that you must do when playing the Clover Rollover 2 online slot is place your bet. Low bets make this game accessible to everyone – with the minimum bet £0.02 per line, moving up to £1 per line at the top of the scale. You don't have to play all five lines, and can in fact select how many out of the five to play using the slider option which pops up when you press the money button at the bottom of the screen. This works out as the minimum being around £0.10 per spin. Once you have selected your bet amount and what lines to play, just press the spin button – it really is as simple as that. Hit the join-play button to get started. You can set up your account quickly and make your first deposit. You need deposited funds to play our casinos - all games are played with real money, including Clover Rollover 2. Join to start gambling and try all our games. Before you play, make sure to learn about the symbols and game rules. Click the options menu. From there you can find the payout structure, symbols and bonuses.

Theme And Symbols

On the actual slots, the icons also match the cheery and colourful Irish theme. You will find pots of gold, pints of the famous Guinness stout, a Leprechaun's hat, Celtic cross and red-haired Irish lass. If you enjoy the beautiful rolling green hills of Ireland, you will find this game visually pleasing. It's one of the most popular slots with our players. It's simple but fun and entertaining. So, how much will the cards win you if you land on them? Well, let's begin with the face cards, where landing five on a line with pay you 50x your wager. 5 Guinness pints lead to 200x your original bet sizes – enough to buy you a few rounds at the pub, while 5 leprechaun hats pay out 500x your stake.


Moving on to bigger things, the red-haired Irish girl for the chance to multiply your bet by 1000 and the golden Celtic cross by 5000. The two main icons from Clover Rollover 2 that you are looking for however are the pots of gold and lucky shamrock. Living up to their names, these icons could pay out, 7500x your wager for the gold or the overall grand prize for the lucky four-leaf clover – so let's hope you have some of that Irish luck on your side! Unlike, many other slot games, the Clover Rollover 2 online slot is extremely simple, and doesn't include any kind of bonus icons or wild symbols – meaning that it is really easy to understand and won't take much time to get a hang of. The game also has no free spins, as the developers wanted to focus on landing the big wins in the main game or working towards the great jackpot feature. Free spins are disappointing for the player, but the progressive jackpot feature does its best to make up for this.

Free Spins

There are plenty of other slots, that feature a free spins round, and if you sign up you can win up to 500 free spins for some of the best online slots our site has to offer. With your first deposit of £10 or more, you can spin the Mega Reel and get a great welcome bonus. Enjoy our live casino games, slots and Megaways. Read our reviews to find games with free spins mode.

Bets And Wins

The max bet for the Clover Rollover 2 slot is £50 and the minimum is 10p. Bet sizes can be set up per line - meaning bet line times min bet is your total bet. So, max bet would be 5 times £10. The lowest amount paid out is provided by the poker cards (Queen, King and Ace). These can give you between 4x and 100x winnings per payline. The highest win in the base game is provided by four leaf clover, which can pay between 150x and 10,000x. So, if all five reels show the clover icon, you'll get the biggest win possible. Other high paying symbols are the pot with the rainbow, the Celtic cross and the woman in the green dress. Of course, the bonus features can be the source of bigger winnings if you play Clover Rollover 2. For example, during the free games, you can expect good payouts since you get a number of chances on the same budget or spin. All winnings are automatically credited to your funds.

Jackpot Game

Most Eyecon games include their progressive jackpot system. There are three different jackpots – the mini, maxi and mega jackpots which have increasing rewards. The pay-out value for the jackpots pays out the same for all players, regardless of how much your stake size is. The mini jackpot is £10 instant cash, Maxi is £50 and the mega is over a whopping £2500 – so keep your eye out for this one. Does this jackpot ever pay out? Well, it just keeps increasing until someone wins it.

Clover Rollover 2 RTP

The RTP for Clover Rollover 2 is 93.02%. For every £10 bet, the average return to player is £9.30 based on long periods of play.


The graphics and sounds from this game also keep with the Celtic theme. The cartoon depictions of famous Irish icons and jolly charms of the sound effects and cheery Irish jig music help pull you in to the land of the leprechaun. The classic green and gold colour theme further reinforce the idea of luck and money! Take a look at the background of the slot machine, surrounded by four leaf clovers and set in the Irish hills - this slot game is sure to immerse you in the isle of Emerald.


Clover Rollover 2 is a very simple but sophisticated game with a low volatility. Its simplicity, as well as the jackpot feature, is the driving force and motivator for players to choose this slot. Similar games may offer additional features, like instant winnings, special symbols (not even a wild) or higher max win, but Clover Rollover 2 has a charm and some players appreciate the easy way of play. The 5-line slot machine means that anyone can easily understand it and get involved and with jackpots worth thousands of pounds, there sure is a great incentive to head to the land of the Irish and place your bets today. Play Clover Rollover 2 on our site to find out, if you like it. Also, get the bonuses for new players when you add your first deposit and play other live casino games.

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Clover Rollover 2 Slot


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