Caravan To Cairo

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Caravan To Cairo


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Hopping on board this caravan will get you to Cairo in no time together with a cast of colourful cartoon characters who will join you on your adventure as you spin your way through the Valley of Kings. Combining pyramids, wonderful design, immersive sound, fun details and the chance of some big wins Eyecon’s Caravan to Cairo online slot game is a great slot for any player looking for fun and adventure.

Eyecon put their best artists to work for the Caravan to Cairo online slot. The game is played against a backdrop of the Valley of Kings with the famous Sphinx looking sagely on. Elements of a market, perhaps the very one the caravan is trading in, fill the foreground with the reels sitting in a wooden frame. The game designers have eschewed the traditional symbols for this game, you won’t see a single card symbol no matter how long you play, instead the symbols are the characters from your caravan.

All the characters are drawn with personality. The camel is clearly honest and hard-working, the cobra trustworthy and the hippo is obviously the team’s party animal. Some animals have their own little animations. When you land elephants they trumpet your win, for example, and the designers have included some animated cut-scenes for when you trigger the free spins. The sound design is generally unobtrusive, sticking to solid sound effects during general play, but stepping up with animal sound-effects and Egyptian music to pick up the tempo and the intensity at key points during the game. Together they work perfectly to take you (and your animal friends) on your Egyptian adventure on the Caravan to Cairo Slot.

The gameplay is straightforward and will be familiar to anyone who has played a slot before while being quick to pick up for anyone new to online gaming. Play is on a typical five-reel, three-line area. There are no paylines, as such, instead you can win by matching symbols in any position from left-to-right, the only rule is they must appear on the left-most reel and then on consecutive reels. This gives you a generous 243 ways to win when you are playing the Caravan to Cairo online game and guarantees that you will never be frustrated by a winning symbol being just one infuriating position out of place when you play. The usual options are all there, so you can set your stake at anything from 25p to £50 per spin and if you want to just let them spin you can set autoplay for up to 100 spins.

The only non-animal symbol in the game is as Egyptian as it gets: the pyramid. This is the Wild symbol in the Caravan to Cairo slot. It only appears in the middle three reels — so reels two, three and four — and can replace any symbol except the scatter. Thanks to the generous 243 ways to win the wild can unlock some big wins.

The elephant is the games’ scatter. It’s also the highest paying symbol in the game, land three of them to win 5x your stake, land four to get 10x you stake and when you get the elephant on all five reels you will win 50x your stake. However, the elephant also unlocks the Caravan to Cairo online slots’ free games feature.

When you land three or more of the elephant scatter symbol you get the option to choose your free spins. You will be presented with five options, of between five and twenty free spins. But you need to choose carefully because the fewer spins you choose the bigger the prize multiplier you get. If you go for twenty free spins you will win 2x any prize, but if you opt for only five free spins you will get a huge 10x multiplier for any prizes.

You can keep earning more free spins as well. If you land more scatters you can earn more free spins, up to fifteen times, so there’s the potential of getting 320 free spins with a 2x multiplier or 80 free spins with a 10x multiplier.

With 243 ways to win on each spin there are plenty of opportunities to win with the Caravan to Cairo online slot but some wins are on the small side. The two camels, for example, might be capable beasts of burden but true to form they won’t be dropping many of their prizes, offering a return as low as 0.2x your stake for landing three. You’ll be looking to some of the more valuable symbols for your wins; the elephant scatter pays up to 50x your stake, the crocodile 40x your stake or the cobra 32x your stake.

While the individual returns might seem a little low, the game itself has a generous RTP of 95.25%. This means you get a decent return for your stake. The game has a medium-to-high volatility through, so you might need to be prepared for some slightly longer periods of play without a win, but when they come you can expect them to be satisfyingly big and expect some big payouts when you have multiple wins combined with a free spin multiplier.

You’ll have never been to Cairo in a caravan like this. Eyecon have pulled together great graphics and gameplay to make a truly engrossing slot game. The balance of a good RTP and volatility helps, by creating a good balance between rising tension and healthy payouts. The engaging characters in your caravan add to the fun while you’re waiting for a win, and the animations and sound add to the excitement of wilds, scatters and free spins as you hope to find your way to riches on the Caravan to Cairo online slot.