Beez Kneez

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Beez Kneez


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Sit back, relax and immerse yourself into the magical world of the humble worker bee. When you open up the Beez Kneez Slot game you will immediately be taken aback by the bright colours and cute animations. The bright blue sky shines down upon your lucky reel and tiny bees buzz around the background looking for that sweet, sweet honey. Spin the reels to see if the bees will show you the way to that golden treasure.

The developer of this fuzzy black and gold bee themed game is Eyecon. They launched their first gambling slot game called the Temple of Isis, which is still popular today. The company have over 60 games, each with their own theme and personality. They are animated to a high standard and ensure that they are easy to understand so that they are accessible to all.

When you open this online slot you will immediately notice the five spinning reels which have 25 active lines. The ‘change bet’ button will allow you to alter your stake before spinning the reels for the first time. Once you have placed your bet, it is time to spin the reels and test your luck. The spin button is in the centre and is very easy to find. You can either opt to spin the reels manually by pressing this button each time, or you can trigger the Autoplay function to make your life easier. Another button that may prove useful are the speaker button which turns off the sound – if you are playing for a while this may be helpful as the music can be quite repetitive! At the top of the brightly coloured screen are three boxes which show your current bet, balance and your last win. This game is very simple and easy to play, but if you are ever unsure, you can also access detailed instructions for the game. While you are getting the hang of it, why not try the demo mode which allows you to bet with pretend money while you learn the rules of this bee kingdom!

We love a themed slot and this one is no different. Images of cute and fluffy bumblebees fly around the reels across the azure sky, giving you a sense of peacefulness and calm. The rest of the images on the screen also fit in well with the overall theme – from golden pots of luscious honey, to crisp honeycombs and brightly coloured flowers. The reel icons show you a variety of different buzzing little creatures as well as beehives, fruits and mushrooms – everything that Mother Nature loves.

Across the reel you will notice little ‘worker bee’ scatter type symbols. If you manage to match three of these worker bee symbols at any location on the reel, you will be transported to a new screen which encapsulates you in an array of pink florals. Your task is to select some of the pink flowers – the number that you get to choose depends of how many of the worker bee symbols that you originally uncovered. Three symbols lead to three clicks, four to four clicks and so on. Keep your fingers crossed that these buzzing bees will lead you to the correct flower, as selecting the right one can lead to you winning up to 100x your original stake – how brilliant.

Most slot games entice you with an offer of some free spins – meaning that you can win money without betting a stake. The Beez Kneez online slot is not different and you can access these free spins by landing three or more of the wild cocoon symbol. If you match three of these lucky symbols then you will receive 15 free spins, four wild cocoons will earn 20 free spins and 5 matches will get you a brilliant 25 symbols. An added advantage of the free spins is that all winning during free spins are multiplied by three – so BEE sure to keep an eye out for the lucky cocoons today.

So, it is clear that you can win some big money on the Beez Kneez slot game and add serious winning to your honey pot, but did you know there is a chance to make your sweet. sweet winnings even sweeter? After each spin, if you do win some money you have the opportunity increase this money with the Gamble feature. The Gamble feature lets you bet your current winnings in a double or nothing risk. The Gamble feature plays a maximum of 5 spins of the reels and can earn up to 3,200,000 coins if you fly over the right symbols. The downside of the Gamble option is that if the spins do not go your way, you could lose any money that you have won so far. At any point during your Gamble plays, you can choose to withdraw the money that you have won so far by selecting the ‘take win’ button from the centre of the screen.

It is clear why the Beez Kneez slot will attract players like bees to a brightly coloured flower, so how can you access it yourself? The game is available for play on a desktop computer, but if you are a busy worker bee yourself, you can also access it on the go, on either a tablet or a mobile.

This apian adventure slot reel is worth a shot due to its great bonus features with great multipliers – which mean that you have the chance of winning big. The gamble feature offers high rich for extremely high reward. If you are a fan of other themed slots like Fluffy Favourites or the Sugar train slot, then buzz on down and give this one a try too – you never know your luck.