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30 Ball Zoom Room Bingo


30 Ball Zoom Room Bingo

A detailed description and game features of Zoom Room Bingo from Pragmatic Play. 30 Ball Zoom Room Bingo (2022) Review. Zoom Room is a 30 ball bingo game that is played on a 3x3 grid. This online bingo has an RTP of 90%.

30 Ball Zoom Room Bingo

30 ball Zoom Room Bingo is our quickest Bingo game ever! With just 30 balls instead of 75 – 90 it provides players with an exciting new way of playing bingo online. The less number of bingo balls means that they can move quicker and make playing and winning games easier! And even if your first game is not your big win, the next game should start just moments later to allow you to try again. Zoom Room provides players with simple and straightforward bingo.

Zoom Room Game Description

30 ball Zoom Room Bingo has smaller numbers, smaller and faster versions of Bingo 75 Ball and Bingo 90. This ticket includes 30 ball bingo in 96 squares, on 3 vertical and 3 horizontal lines. The online bingo game is aimed at reducing the duration of the game, letting players experience more bingo action. Zoom rooms are available every day from 9am until 1pm. The Zoom Room offers the chance to win incredible prizes. You can buy your tickets for the next round when you enter the room.

How To Play

You have to enter this room in order to play Zoomroom. Clicking ‘Get New Strip / Select a strip’ will create a new card, or use Auto Select Strips to select the selected strip automatically. You can buy multiple cards for each round that is played. Rounds are fairly quick, since it is played with just 30 balls. You can choose, if you want to daub yourself or automatically. Either way, you now wait for the numbers to be drawn and daub the ones corresponding with your card. It's really easy to participate, even if it is your first game ever - you will have lots of fun.

How To Win

There are three ways to win at this bingo game. All players must daub the numbers that are being called by the bingo caller - or use the auto-daub option. These are the ways to win:

  • Completing the first column
  • Completing two lines
  • Full house

A house is the way to the maximum win. You must daub all nine numbers to get the full house prize. What happens, when other players have the same numbers? The prize will be shared between all winners. Wins are awarded automatically so that the fast-paced action can go on. Successful players buy more than one ticket for the game to enjoy better possibility for winning big prizes. As you can see from the paytable, it is absolutely possible for multiple players to win a prize, even on the same round.

Return To Player

The percentage of Return to Player (RTP) for Zoom Room Bingo is around 90%. This is fairly standard for any bingo game.

Zoom Room Bingo Game Features

Zoom room bingo is a great game for bingo fans. It features some fantastic highlights, like fewer balls (which makes the game extremely fast), short space, friendly ticket prices range, as well as allowing players to play more than one ticket at a time. Zoom Room is also optimized for desktop and mobile use - most of our players just gamble on their smartphone. Join today to be able to take part in the next Zoom Room bingo.

Design And Graphics

30 Ball Zoom Room Bingo revolutionized bingo and is an easy-to-play game. It's known as Speed Bingo. The game uses identical bingo tickets with square grids as previous versions. Aside from the simple card structure, this game allows anyone to enjoy 30ball Bingo quickly. Zoomroom has been optimized for mobile and desktop use, which makes it possible to use it at anytime you want if necessary. Visually, 30 ball Zoom Room Bingo is attractive. This game is played with 30 numbers. The bingo card contains nine numbers, and it only has three rows and two columns.


Where can I play bingo online?
You can play bingo games here at our site.

What are the ticket prices?
All bingo tickets cost £0,01. You can win additional free tickets. Players must add funds to their accounts to be able to participate in this event. While older versions offered a free play, all our games are played with real money now.

What payment methods are there?
You want to buy tickets for the next games? Add money to your account. You can use most popular payment types, including Skrill, debit cards, Paypal, Pay by Mobile or Neteller. All games require money in your account to access a game.

What are some unique special features?
This fast-paced bingo game is optimized for mobile use, has a friendly chat room and uses auto select strips.

How can I win?
With this 30 ball bingo, you get a new chance of winning with every new strip. Complete the first line, second column, third column or the whole card.

How many games are there?
New games start every few minutes. Speed it up with the Zoom room bingo game. Play more tickets at this game, and have even more fun.

Are there any other online bingo games?
Yes, you can choose from a range of different bingo rooms on Fluffy Spins. Some rooms are speed bingo, like Zoom Room.

How can I play?
So, what devices can I play Zoom Room Bingo on? You can use this game on your mobile, tablet or laptop. The game is fully optimised for your smartphone - you can use it everywhere.

How to play responsibly?
Remember that gambling must be fun. This is entertainment and a way to pass the time. Make sure to only add funds you can afford. This applies to all our bingo games.

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

30 Ball Zoom Room Bingo


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